Acting is an enormously difficult profession.

It can be so trying that you’ve got to love it passionately to keep doing it. There’s always a tremendous amount of competition. You never know if you’ll be able to continue working. You can be beautiful, incredibly talented and have tons of charisma. But the next job could end up being your last. Nothing will protect you from that. It’s just the nature of the business. Even if you’re wildly popular, fame can be fleeting.

What’s definitely discouraging is running across deserving people that never got their due or, on the other hand, had it and lost it. EW invited their readers to put together a list of film performers who have yet (at this point in time) to live up to their fabulous potential. Some are working occasionally. A few are employed steadily but are not big stars at this juncture. Then there are the ones that have disappeared from the scene all together.

It’s unfortunate. Quite a number of these actors really have something. They just haven’t found the right roles. Let’s hope that things turn around for them.

Among the people featured here are: GRETCHEN MOL, THORA BIRCH, MENA SUVARI and MICHAEL PARE.

To see more, please go here

4 Responses to “WHATEVER HAPPENED TO…?”

  1. glimmer Says:

    wasn’t thora birch in a limp bizkit (or however it’s spelled) video???

    the article mentions shannyn sossamon..uh well she tried to break out but i guess that just gave away. she’s in the film the remake of one missed call. the movie that has a zero rating at rt.


    0% that’s beyond beyond amazing especially since it got 65 reveiws…

  2. Miranda Wilding Says:

    glim, I have no idea whether THORA BIRCH was in a Limp Bizkit video. Yes, you got the spelling correct. Did you hear that Fred Durst is directing features now? We’ll see how well that works out for him…

    SHANNYN SOSSAMON is a very striking young woman who has a lot of potential. She reminds me a lot of ROSARIO DAWSON. I liked her in A KNIGHT’S TALE and a few other things that I saw her in. She comes off as accessible and warm (rather like JULIA ROBERTS). You root for her when you see her in a movie.

    I’d like to see her get some good roles. I thought she was interesting to watch.

    Oh hell…One Missed Call has 0% on RT despite FOUR PAGES of reviews? That’s scarier than the movie, glim…

  3. glimmer Says:


    anyway notice lots of females on your spotlight from the list/that are on the list..

    well maybe it’s all going wrong. as a.d. id further clueing us in to.lead/neat roles are getting fewer for females/so how much harder is a break out/especially if you’re needing another round/and you’re no longer the ‘hot’ actor ??? hmm…

    really m. i’m so sick/so sick of females just being the love interest(and still not given much to do) in an action film…..

    females are so on the sidelines in most ‘big’ movies in the states. i don’t even see how a kid (female) would want to be actor.

    unless they were just very happy with people saying they’re ‘hot’ and want to a fame machine…

  4. Miranda Wilding Says:

    Well, I think it goes like this, glim. If you love it, then you really have to do it. If you have a passion for something, that’s just the way it is. Acting is no exception.

    Regardless of the lack of practicality, all the other people that want to do it, the slim chance of making it big…It doesn’t make any difference.

    I do think it’s very important to stay grounded, though. If you have something else that you love to do, you don’t necessarily abandon that. Especially if it pays well or you can support yourself doing it. If it’s another artistic talent, then it’s just another thing that you can develop or present to people while you’re working on your acting.

    If you really love to do something, you just can’t set it aside. It’s in your blood. YOU HAVE TO DO IT. What’s the worst case scenario? That you never make it big? That you only become a working actor and nothing more?

    Well, so what? At least you pushed it to the wall and did as much as you could. When you’re sitting out on the porch at 90 in the rocking chair, wouldn’t you like to say that you did whatever you could, worked it as hard as you did – rather than let the what if kill you?

    It’s good to have a backup plan. Or even more than one. But, if you have artistic talents, I don’t think you’ll ever be completely satisfied living an ordinary life being a plumber or working in a bank. Maybe between jobs or to support yourself. But that’s it.

    The realities of the film industry are that it is a highly political business where getting ahead depends on who you know a great deal of the time. Winning awards is a similar scenario. But you don’t get very far in most work situations if you’re not liked.

    Yeah, the film industry is very tough on women. But it’s not much easier on men. Acting is bloody difficult and the business can be much the same. But the rewards can be astounding. Not only in terms of the artistic satisfaction but all of the other positives as well.

    I don’t know anyone that leads a stress free happy go lucky existence, glim. It’s always something.

    Being a woman is no bed of roses. But is being a man in this 21st century society any easier? To an extent. But not really that much.

    I just think everyone has their own priorities and you have to follow your heart. That’s exactly what it boils down to…

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