I saw RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK in theatres many years after its initial release in 1981.

That is, of course, where it was meant to be experienced. A movie with that much scope and momentum could never be fully grasped or appreciated in one’s own living room. The delirium of the pace and those magnificent stunts genuinely need a wide canvas to work their magic to the fullest extent. Unfortunately, like nearly every person of my generation, I viewed it on television for the very first time.

MARION RAVENWOOD was a goddess to me. She was breathtakingly gorgeous in a very natural, accessible manner. She was thoroughly feminine and spirited, defiant, strong willed, tough as nails. As least as tough as Indy.

(I always wanted a white dress just like the one Belloq gave her. Haven’t found it yet…)

For the woman that played Marion (KAREN ALLEN), RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK was the definitive high point of her film career. She did well for herself during the next decade but never achieved the major stardom that many predicted for her. She appeared in films like SHOOT THE MOON (as ALBERT FINNEY’S mistress), STARMAN (with JEFF BRIDGES) and as Laura Wingfield in a PAUL NEWMAN directed version of THE GLASS MENAGERIE alongside JOANNE WOODWARD and JOHN MALKOVICH.

By the arrival of the 90s, she continued to work steadily but there was a considerable amount of television involved and the lead parts were more or less finished.

The last film role she had was four years ago, portraying NEVE CAMPBELL’S mother (God help me…) in the horrific When Will I Be Loved.

When word spread about INDY IV, it never occurred to me that Mr. Spielberg would find her and ask her to play Marion again. Apparently, she couldn’t believe it either. But she’s thrilled to be included…and I’m ecstatic that she’s in the picture. If I go (and I was planning to), she and JOHN HURT will be the only reasons.

EW spoke to Ms. Allen about what it’s like to be back working with HARRISON FORD on another chapter of the roller coaster INDIANA JONES saga.

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  1. Karen Allen in Raiders played my favourite kind of female character (and woman) – strong, intelligent, good hearted and easily holding her own with the men around her.

    The Indy love interests that followed were all the more disappointing for displaying none of those qualities.

    Instead we were given blandly pretty blondes – the first being a screamer and whiner. I also enjoyed her in Animal House and Starman.

    Pity she had so few outstanding roles to play in her career. With a little luck there might be one or two ahead of her.

  2. Oh, I forgot to add… T

    The white dress had me salivating as a young man.

  3. I’m glad you have returned to the fold, my lovely sartre. You disappeared for so long I was beginning to think that you were upset with me. Or something.

    I’m glad you approve of that type of woman. Somehow I assumed you would. I was always drawn to that particular feminine archetype and females such as that were my role models growing up. I’d like to think I matured into one of them through their fiery guidance. Even though I’m blonde. Hee hee.

    I’m also on the same track regarding Ms. Allen’s career. Indy IV is likely to be an enormous hit with staying power. It may very well reignite interest in her. There may be a few people around that liked her style and have been wondering (even if it’s only periodically) what she’s been up to. One can certainly hope.

    Ah…THE DRESS. I’ll find one sooner or later. Of all the shimmering white outfits I’ve been through as a young woman, I have yet to find one that’s completely right.

    But I will…

    Glad that we have such a shared appreciation of so much, dear sartre.

    Don’t forget to visit at CP now and then. I’m always grateful to have you here. You were gone much too long…

  4. Miranda, I have no cause for being upset with someone who has always been very kind and generous in her comments to me.

    Like everyone I only have so much time for commenting and my old haunts LiC and AD get my most attention. I try to keep an eye on the many fine film blogs being maintained by such talents as you and many others.

    But there isn’t always time to comment or nothing compelling comes to mind to say.

  5. sartre, since I’ve known you I have always had the utmost respect for your wit, generosity, intellect and astounding sense of fair play. You are a rare individual, good sir.

    I’m glad I haven’t offended you in any way. That would distress me deeply.

    But you’re right. There is an astounding array of blogging talent accessible on the net now. Lots of great intellects with interesting opinions that they can easily defend. I know. I visit many of those sites regularly myself.

    Just as long as you know that there’s always a place for you at my table.

    We saw MY BLUEBERRY NIGHTS again Thursday evening and then the weekend will be spent away. It won’t interfere with my blogging schedule. But there are some things that are even more important than movies.

    But I am looking forward to it immensely…

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