I’ve always had a fondness for HARRISON FORD. But I never idolized him or overtly lusted after him.

(That is not to imply, for one precious second, that Mr. Ford is the least bit unattractive. He’s a very good looking guy. I’m sure he would be an astonishingly cool boyfriend – for serious or casual. What I’m saying is that, for me, he doesn’t have the highly seductive factor of men like ROBERT REDFORD. He has other positives.)

No one ever goes on about him being a great actor. But Mr. Ford is a solid, strongly masculine presence that can be particularly effective within a certain range.

Both the first STAR WARS trilogy and the INDIANA JONES series effectively made him a 20th century film star for the ages, a box office draw to be reckoned with and independently wealthy beyond his dreams.

Seeing as this weekend belongs to the KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULLS (there’s no escaping it…), EW has dedicated a photo gallery to Harrison’s highly successful movie career.

My favourite characters are: BOB FALFA in AMERICAN GRAFFITI (“Hey, what kind of a car is that? Looks like a cross between piss yellow and puke green…”), HAN SOLO in STAR WARS/THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, INDIANA JONES in RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, JACK TRAINER in WORKING GIRL (absolute perfection and VERY underrated…he did it just as effortlessly as CARY GRANT did it – and just as well) and DR. RICHARD KIMBLE in THE FUGITIVE.

To access the gallery, please go here

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