As the fest winds down, I have a variety of pics of the women that were perceived as owning the red carpet this year.


To find the gallery, please go here

4 Responses to “CANNES BEST DRESSED 2008”

  1. What was Natalie thinking, Miranda?

  2. sartre, it’s funny because the editors of INSTYLE placed Ms. Portman in a portfolio with a number of women that they considered BEST DRESSED. I never realized just how horrible that dress looked on her until you pointed it out to me just now.

    But fashion is a thing in and of itself. I have a rebellious streak. I fancy myself as a rulebreaker. You can be praised for being a risk taker in most areas of your life. In fashion, not so much. No one on earth has a lot of leeway past fashion forward before it all starts to go to hell. It’s all a question of balance. You don’t have to stick to the classics. But, generally speaking, experiments look like precisely what they are.

    NATALIE is gorgeous and exceptionally glamorous. But that dress just doesn’t flatter her.

    ANGELINA JOLIE, RENEE ZELLWEGER, HALLE BERRY, SHARON STONE, LAUREN BACALL, DEMI MOORE, SOPHIA LOREN, ELIZABETH TAYLOR, CATHERINE DENEUVE and HELEN MIRREN always know what they’re doing. It’s very rare that they don’t look absolutely fantastic. I think probably the two women out there that are the most stylish and glamourous right now would be CATHERINE ZETA JONES and NICOLE KIDMAN.

    Back in the golden age it would have been AUDREY HEPBURN and GRACE KELLY. I loved AVA GARDNER’S wardrobe too.

    DIANE KEATON has fabulous, truly individualistic style. Her iconoclasm actually works for her. For most people it doesn’t. CHER is very much like Ms. Keaton. She breaks most of the rules the majority of the time and she always looks magnificent. But CHER gets it. She can go over the top since she has such a bold public persona. Plus she has an innate understanding of fashion as it applies to her particularly.

    The colour of NATALIE’S dress is striking. The red looks beautiful on her. But that style just blows…

    I didn’t know you had an interest in fashion, sartre. Will wonders never cease…

  3. glimmer Says:

    m., i have no sense of style and i don’t care either.

  4. Yes, you have told me that before, glim.

    But it does get you chicks…

    We’ll make a sartorial success out of you yet…

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