ANGELINA JOLIE is a scorch

When she arrived on the scene back in the 90s, I knew she would be a very big star. She has it all: spectacular beauty, effortless sex appeal, acres of raw talent, charisma to burn.

I’ve always liked the wildcats that take no prisoners. Let’s just say we have a lot in common…

I usually lose interest in these women when they become…more domesticated, shall we say. But Angelina still fascinates in a dangerous white hot fashion. She reminds me of another outspoken, extravagantly gorgeous blue eyed brunette who played by her own rules, did exactly as she damn well pleased and had the world at her feet with the press hanging on her every word regardless.


EW has an in depth interview with Angelina and it’s one of the best I’ve ever read. There are some very surprising facts that come to light that I wasn’t aware of before.

Angelina has two upcoming projects: the action thriller WANTED (costarring JAMES McAVOY and MORGAN FREEMAN), set for release on June 27 and THE CHANGELING, which is directed by Clint Eastwood. It’s due in October.

Speaking of her character FOX, Angelina said, “But the idea behind Wanted is not that she’s a bad ass assassin that just likes to kill people. It’s that, if you ran into Hitler before he did everything – and you knew – should you shoot him? And I would.”

As for politics, Ms. Jolie stated, “I think people assume I’m a Democrat. But I’m registered independent and I’m still undecided. So I’m looking at McCain as well as Obama.”

It’s an extremely cool read…

To check out the rest, please go here

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