MERYL STREEP is a glittering acting phenomenon with generous amounts of natural glamour.

Possessed of a cool intelligence and a sparkling wit, she has the kind of elegant, patrician beauty that many women envy – even as Ms. Streep approaches her 60th birthday.

I grew up with MERYL. I bow to NO ONE (believe me…) but I wouldn’t mind genuflecting to her every day of my life. I’ve never met her but she’s given me a great deal. She’s inspired me far more than most other women in her profession could ever hope to. Her superb unrelenting genius and virtuousity as an artist leaves me completely awestruck every time I see one of her films.

There has never been anyone like her. There never will be again.

As far as fashion is concerned, MERYL doesn’t have a defined outlook. But she has all that gorgeous hair, great blue green eyes, those cheekbones…

I get the impression that she doesn’t give a damn about dressing a certain way. I found an old interview with her from the early 80s, granted some time after she won her first Oscar for KRAMER. It described how she rode home on the subway, defiantly wearing a tattered sundress with a safety pin poking through it.

She’s an exceptionally stunning woman with unprecedented gifts. Why on earth should she care about style?

More power to her…

To see MERYL’S IN STYLE slideshow, please go here

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