I’ve always adored BARBRA STREISAND. She took the world by storm through the sheer force of her own will.

You have to admire a woman like that…

The 60s were the start of huge changes in North American culture. Since that decade ended, nothing has truly been the same. In most respects (in my opinion) that was all to the good.

Hollywood was no exception. The 60s marked the rise of explicit (simulated) sex in arthouse releases, the beginnings of the breakdown regarding language constraints AND the end of the idea that lead performers in motion pictures had to conform to a particular standard of attractiveness.

BARBRA had the good fortune and the unbelievable luck to have her rise to fame coincide with this turbulent time. People like DUSTIN HOFFMAN and GENE HACKMAN became big stars in this particular era.

BARBRA did not possess a conventional look. She is a marvelous actor, a brilliant singer and an exceptional filmmaker. But she definitely DID NOT fit the mold of what Hollywood considered a star over the decades. If she had been born into a different time, musicals and character roles would most likely have been her destiny.

But BARBRA became a huge star on Broadway, portraying Fanny Brice in FUNNY GIRL. She played the part again in the film version, winning her first Oscar at the age of 26. (She won her second for the song EVERGREEN which came from her version of A STAR IS BORN.)

As for her style, BARBRA rarely gives interviews now and I never see her on the red carpet.

When she was very young and getting raves for her first hit albums, her hairstyles and makeup were rather elaborate. Lots of liner to emphasize her vivid cat like blue eyes. Over time her look has become much more natural and free flowing. I think the latter is vastly superior.

I loved the clothes that she wore when she first became famous. They were as gloriously flamboyant as her personality – and they suited her admirably. She’s had every hair style and colour imaginable. Even red. My preference is the light, long hair that she had in the 70s.

She formed a close friendship with designer DONNA KARAN and began wearing many of her gorgeously simplistic elegant clothes to public events. Excellent choice for her. Ms. Karan can do no wrong.

She may not be your standard film star but I love her for precisely that reason. I think she is enormously attractive and sexy in her own particular right.

They broke down the barriers…and BARBRA arrived.

God, I love the 60s…

To find BARBRA’S IN STYLE photo gallery, please go here

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