HALLE BERRY’S career speaks to persistence and a powerful drive to succeed. She could have been content to be a sex symbol or just another pretty face, accepting unchallenging parts and coasting on her considerable glamour.

But HALLE wanted to be a serious actor – and she was…

She won the OSCAR for MONSTER’S BALL. It is a fearless, bold performance that was exceptionally brave. Most performers wouldn’t have been capable of the depths that HALLE descended to. Some actors would never have come back emotionally intact. HALLE has untold amounts of grit and determination. She committed to this role and she was going to make the most of it.

You definitely can’t judge a book by its cover.

HALLE is a complete style icon. There is a very small group of women in Hollywood circles that know fashion and have an unerring instinct for what will make them look the most beautiful. HALLE knows how to turn heads. She is always classically flawless – impeccable but unique.

The only major change in HALLE’S style that I can recall off hand is her hair. She went from the short cut that set off her striking dark eyes to very long – either sleek and sophisticated or wavy and full.

She can pull it all off with flair. HALLE BERRY inevitably knows what’s right.

To see HALLE’S IN STYLE slideshow, please go here

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