So, getting back to the BRUCE WILLIS thing from yesterday.

Did you watch the YouTube clip? Go back and look at it (if you didn’t) and then this post will make more sense and the context will be sharper.

All righty then…

So we’ve established that, after nearly three years of bickering, fighting and driving each other around the bloody bend, Bruce’s character on MOONLIGHTING (DAVID ADDISON) is madly in love with his boss MADELYN HAYES (CYBILL SHEPHERD).

He isn’t sure if she feels the same way. I’m positive that’s why he never told her. She does, in fact, return his affections. Maddie’s crazy about David. But life – even on television shows – is never that uncomplicated.

In that same episode, David gathers all of his courage together and goes to Maddie’s house late at night. White gardenias in hand (what a guy…), he walks up to her front porch and waits for her to answer. But she doesn’t come to the front door.


Mr. Harmon plays SAM CRAWFORD, an old flame of Maddie’s. He spends the next few eps on the show. Just long enough to upset the apple cart completely.

So now things are really messed up. Sam likes and respects David. David thinks Sam is a hell of a nice guy. Maddie cares deeply for David. But she’s had big feelings for Sam for ages. They almost got married about ten years before. They’ve never forgotten each other. Maddie was always hoping that they would be able to work things out.


Now that day has arrived – and, as with many things, it has to happen at the worst possible time.

Sam’s predictable and he’s very serious. They sleep together. Now Maddie’s really over a barrel. What’s she going to do?

Sam makes his position clear. He wants Maddie to enter into a commitment. He blew his chance ten years ago. He can’t let this go. It’s now or never.

But Maddie can’t respond to an ultimatum when she’s heavily emotionally involved with someone else. Sam won’t wait. Now that he’s put himself on the line it’s too much for him. If Maddie can’t respond to his desires, then he has to go.

It’s not the way either of them ever imagined it. But Maddie has no choice. There is no rhyme or reason to any of this.

(There never is, is there?)

Sam is the perfect man. For her. Or for anyone. He’s handsome, successful, intelligent, caring…A list of his positive attributes would go on for miles.

David’s adorable. He’s also unreliable, impractical, irresponsible, smart mouthed and often possesses the maturity level of a twelve year old. He knows how to push every single button on her console within 10 seconds flat. He even enjoys that periodically. Some days she could strangle him.

She finds him profoundly irritating.

But she loves David. More than she’ll ever admit – and marrying Sam at this juncture would never work. So Sam leaves.

Emotionally exhausted and frazzled beyond belief, Maddie returns home. What she doesn’t realize as she slips into bed for some well deserved rest is that David is there under the covers.

Waiting for her.

This is too much. All this pressure from one man and now the other – who blew this ONE chance for her that she can NEVER get back – is acting like a presumptuous horny teenager? Maddie is furious. They have a wicked argument of major proportions.


Yes, ladies and gentlemen…

Even if you’ve never seen this show, you probably have some idea of what’s about to transpire next. This is the episode that everyone and their pet poodle had been waiting for. Since the opening moments of the very first program.

David and Maddie finally consummate their relationship in (predictably) the highest rated episode of the entire five seasons.

Incidentally, Bruce was talking on the commentary about how he caught holy hell from ordinary people over the years who discussed the show with him. He said many fans (especially women) were outraged because he never said, “I love you,” to her.

Poor guy. Very sheepishly he explained that it had been in the script and he had actually spoken the words. But it ended up being edited out at the last minute.

Have to say this is a pretty familiar scenario for me. When the sparks fly and all that adrenaline comes to the surface, lots of extremely interesting situations follow from that.

Everything just goes.

This is one of the best things that was EVER on TV. So here’s the clip on YouTube.

Baby, let the good times roll….

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