When I was growing up, I thought DEMI MOORE was one of the coolest women alive. I’m still convinced that’s true.

She’s great looking and she’s sexy as hell. She’d stand out in any room with her flowing dark hair and ocean green eyes. I must admit that I always had a soft spot for the chicks with the smoky voices, seeing as I’m in possession of one myself. DEMI always sounded like she had one too many whiskey sours.

I think she’s a much better actor than people give her credit for. She also has a truly arresting (but fairly minimalistic) style.

I like the fact that she’s fearless. She’s actually quite petite. But she radiates an Amazonian strength. During the 80s and part of the 90s she was a highly sought after A list movie star. You don’t get to that enviable point without having a will of iron.

When she first started on the red carpet she made her share of fashion faux pas. Doesn’t happen any more. She always looks sleek and perfect. So she definitely has evolved in that respect.

She dyed her hair blonde for THE BUTCHER’S WIFE. She looked absolutely gorgeous. The film was terrible and a huge flop. She also lost most of her hair and had to use wigs and falls for the duration.

In 1997, while portraying a Navy Seal in training in RIDLEY SCOTT’S G.I. JANE she decided to shave her dark glossy waist length hair off (as her character did) instead of faking it. There were numerous photographs around town of her completely bald. She wasn’t worried about it and she looked fantastic regardless.

Earlier in the 90s she started quite a trend. The classically beautiful black gown (with elaborate cut outs at the top) from INDECENT PROPOSAL that she wore became a hot item. Medium and high priced boutiques had copies of that dress in stock all over North America.

Besides all that, she got to marry BRUCE WILLIS.


DEMI’S a remarkable woman and she’s never looked better.

To access DEMI’S IN STYLE gallery, please go here

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