I am concluding my STYLE TRANSFORMATION series with my girl, the Welsh princess CATHERINE ZETA JONES. She’s an incredibly talented and beautiful woman.

There are only a handful of females in Hollywood currently that are such style icons that they know exactly how to dress to their best advantage. These are exquisite individuals such as: NICOLE KIDMAN, SHARON STONE, HALLE BERRY, RENEE ZELLWEGER, ANGELINA JOLIE, DEMI MOORE and SIENNA MILLER.

I’d personally put CATHERINE ZETA JONES at the very top of that list. She has fabulous taste and regally gorgeous fashion sense. She always wears the correct colours to set off her dark, glamorous exoticism and she knows instinctively what looks flattering on her voluptuous physique.

I have to confess that I was unbelievably thrilled when she won the Oscar for CHICAGO. There were some heavy hitters in her category (MERYL STREEP and KATHY BATES were both wonderful) but for me there was simply no other choice.


From the time that she swaggered out of that taxi as VELMA KELLY in the opening moments of the film with a terse, “Keep the change,” she had me. RIGHT THERE. When the stage manager asks about her sister Veronica and she says, “She’s not herself tonight,” it’s the understatement of the century.

She sang and danced to perfection. She was glorious. In the musical number CELL BLOCK TANGO, she takes it to the wall and eliminates everything else in her path.

In those few minutes, she had to have been the sexiest woman in the entire world.

With that performance, she became a cinematic goddess for generations of film lovers to behold. She was a force of nature – fiery, unstoppable, powerfully feminine and completely savagely wild. VELMA KELLY is not someone that you’d mess with twice.

If CATHERINE had been denied that Oscar, it would have been the biggest robbery since Brink’s.

She was the quintessential VELMA. No one could have done it better. But fortunately (for once) the Academy gave the award to a performer that genuinely deserved it.

To find CATHERINE’S IN STYLE slideshow, please go here

Here is CATHERINE’S magnificent showstopper CELL BLOCK TANGO.


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