Once again our fine friends at EW have come through for us. This is a comprehensive slideshow that highlights some of the big film releases. Right up until the Christmas season.

Here are some of the things that you have to look forward to in this particular article…







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7 Responses to “FALL MOVIE PREVIEW”

  1. oh lord… 😦

  2. So you’re back to the same old glimmer we all know and love? Good. That makes me happy…

    Hah hah.

    Say what’s really on your mind, sugar….

    Free speech and all that. The readership’s dying to know.

    Not to mention moi…

  3. really m. i look at lic and ad and people are so enthused/happy (would i have an idea what’s that like and would it happen to me over night. ha ha)

    and i don’t get get it. this stuff people are leaping over and over for/feel like running in the streets and other cliches is leaving me very cold.

    ms m. i thought that with my paying attention to things more this year. i’d know that ‘better’ was coming out. but this year/oscar season is very tragic to me. *yawn*…..

    some recent stuff i’ve seen and didn’t care for not close to raving for and i guess i could say things sucked. i want to be enthused/feel alive. ok…i want that buzzed/blissed out feeling.

    uh ok what i’m seen recently baghead, vicky christina, mister lonely, tell no one, reprise, last mistress, the wackness….

    could i see something i really love or do i have to go to the theatre another 17 times for that ?????

    and *yes* and so on and so these ‘hot’ list ew/ad style forth coming stuff. just kills me/as in it takes it all out of me. what’s this ??? indie putting forth the lameness one more time…one more and everyone smiles….*expect* one…. 😦

    the last whatever weeks for me moviewise hasn’t been good…and these coming soon lists/have me thinking it’s not gonna get better for a geek…

    but as long as everyone wants to see ‘the road’ that’s what counts right ???

    summer wasn’t good and the ‘real movie season’ looks worse. *awesome*

    i guess some stuff will sneak through that i’d like.but i’d i have to see 12 films to get to it. f**k that…

    i’d like someone to do a list of potentially good films coming out that are neither aimed to be a blockbuster nor oscar bait. why can’t i see *one* list like that ??? because those films don’t exist nor because no one cares ???

    mental note: i don’t care about the road….

    yes ms m. i’m trying to see more films. and especially since i’m hitting the theatre more+and for sanity’s sake i need to avoid films i know will just have me going *arrrgh* /pretty damn underwhelmed/have no appeal to me. regardless of how well critics/bloggers/the general public raves…..

    i don’t want to spend mental time to possible point of anger because everyone (well you know what i mean) the dark knight and wall-e are the best films. *arrrgh*

    nope i went to see ‘no country’ and ‘juno’ last year. and i don’t want to put myself through the same crap this year.

    not that they’re aren’t a couple of oscar bait films i think are gonna suck/think will be middling at the best i’ll feel i have to see. just to see what the mania is out/curiosity. but i really need to elimnate some things off the top too. so bye bye wall-e/dark knight… πŸ™‚

    really ms m. i haven’t written about stuff i’ve seen at cp or lic because they haven’t hit me hard enough. hate not really. love not close…not even close…

    and since i haven’t written my thoughts down soon after the viewings it just waves and waves of mediocrity….

    or my just reducing a movie to little throw away tidbit that aren’t ofinterest to anyone. specially since i don’t want to attempt a review or even throw up my very fake audience profiles/breakdowns….

    which has me reducing a movie to things like this….

    what i learned watching ‘the wackness’ : it’s ok to say ‘i want a vagina’ when talking to a psychiatrist….

    what i learned watching ‘reprise’ : i again learn i have the wrong music collection/interest in the wrong bands/it’s the wrong turn now….

    i also learned to count from 1-10 in norwegian.

    whenever you hear a snippet of a le tigre song it will *always* be that β€œWho took the ram from the ramalamadingdong?” song. uh i thinks that got played at the party scene. πŸ˜‰

    what else i leanrned even if your a guy that doesn’t seem ‘good’ with females/but if you’re wearing a striped tee with band name blur on it. you get to have random sex in restroom with a ‘hot’ female….

    mental note: i never wore striped tees nor liked blur.

    baghead. a trailer i saw made this seem a bit like kids gonna get chased by a guy with bag over his head to the death. the movie wasn’t like that
    and i feel that was for the best. but any ‘normal’ people probably want like the fake out. and this movie played for one week at the angelika in rock out town.(it was pushed back for a month or something…) don’t know if cause lack of ticket sales or because so much more was hitting and the space was need. likely both ??

    but baghead a scene that’s gonna stick with me and how many people would admit this or even have the scene register with them as being noteworthy or worth more than being seen as throw away. no one.
    thank you…now go back to drolloing ‘the road’)

    there was this scene where the less attractive and uh slightly larger of the guy pair/where the female he felt was uh out of his league and he had an obvious ultra crush. when she’s leaving the room and saying her good nights.

    she touches the guys cheekbone/put her hand on his face. and when she walks away…he puts his hand to his face/rubs his face and then sniffs his hand/fingers. classic.ha ha…

    and he did this with more enthusiam/surprise/interest then if he found a $50 bill while walking…

    even cooler more interesting/surprising this wasn’t played back for it pure comedy approach. there was (if i’m remembering correctly) after he did this there was no cut to the other two people in the room.to let the laughter begin….

    yep he did this and as you’d expect he wouldn’t want anyone to see/notice. would you ??? yeah i know no one that reads cp has done this. but anyway… πŸ™‚

    this is gonna be the geek/loser scene of 2008. so pathethic/insane/lame….yet so true.

    and as you’d expect (yes i do need a ghostwriter.yes i still do…) in an atmosphere where everyone quoted ‘friendo’. no one ‘notices’/mentiones this scene at all…..

    this is just something for the real losers. and i was surprised this scene was there/how it was played. πŸ™‚


  4. m…. i did a reply. but hmmm it’s not showing.

    anyway when you see vicky christina please give your slant on javier’s fashion whatever…

  5. Never fear, my precious glimster.

    Your comments ended up in spam for some strange reason. But that wasn’t why they never showed up.

    Since Day 1, I’ve had the site entirely on lockdown. What does that mean?

    It means that the only time ANYONE’S COMMENTS show up on site immediately is when I’m here working on something so I can approve them.

    NO ONE’S COMMENTS get through unapproved. NO ONE. EVER.

    Not my family’s comments or any friends from off the net. No exes. But nobody from these groups has ever posted YET. In the future, who knows?

    Friends ON the net, same deal.

    Everyone has to wait for their comments to be approved. THAT MEANS EVERYONE.

    They may be immediately if I’m here. I check in regularly so NO ONE will ever have a long wait. But that’s just the way it is.

    Why I am doing it that way? It’s because there are cyberstalkers, mental cases and assorted f’ing retards that are emotionally unbalanced all over the net.

    So…no unapproved comments. But the waits are generally very short.

    I’m exceptionally grateful to my readers and especially my adored regular posters. I love them all. But I need time to see what’s going down while I’m here.

    Not a big deal. Just checking everything out and making sure it’s OK.

    So you’re not really enthusiastic about anything that’s coming down the pike film wise? I’m actually NOT either, glim. Looking forward to the new BOND and AUSTRALIA. That’s about it. I may or may not see THE CHANGELING, THE SOLOIST or BURN AFTER READING.

    But I don’t really care either.

    You know that I LOVED JUNO and that I thought NCFOM was one of the most OVERRATED movies of the new century. Best Picture, my ass. But whatever. It all happens the way it will.

    And not JUST to make you feel better but if some dude was wearing a tee with BLUR on it I wouldn’t have random sex with him in public. Or anywhere for that matter. There’s nothing appealing about that to me. Especially not in a public toilet.

    I would have sex with a boyfriend out in the open. But it would depend entirely on the circumstances. Day or night? Easy to get caught or what? Sometimes that’s hot and sometimes it’s just plain idiotic. There are a lot of nutcases out there. If someone DID catch you, you never know what they might do.

    I’m not a planner. Planning gives me hives. So does structure. But you have to think things through sometimes. There ain’t no free rides. Know what I’m sayin…?

    For the record, I do like BLUR.

    Uh…LE TIGRE and “who put the ram in the ramalamadingdong song”? What the hell….? Oh, Christ. That’s so funny I almost choked.

    I laughed out loud at that BAGHEAD thing. That sounds kind of cute.

    As for JAVIER BARDEM, that man just DOES something to me. He’s utterly magnetic. I generally like them prettier though. Not quite so rugged. But he’s the living end.

    To tell you the truth, I never noticed what he was wearing, glim. I was too busy looking AT HIM. Next time I see VCB (I LOVED IT UNRESERVEDLY, so I’ll be going lots) I’ll let you know what he was wearing.

    This time I honestly didn’t pay attention.

    glim, I am so very grateful to you. You’re so wonderfully unique and exquisitely funny.

    What would I ever do without you, boy?

  6. it’s cool m. i was freaked out because usually when i hit submit comment i get the your comment is waiting moderation thing. that time i didn’t. oh well happy ending it. my babbling is there… πŸ™‚

    well ms. m my fault for the bluriness confusion. see the random sex thing didn’t happen in a restroom it was in a bathroom.

    the atmosphere was a party and the guy that didn’t seem to good with females /the last time we saw him the film he was with some guy pals in the park. and there was this female he seemed to notice and he just looked at her. hey this is movie so you think he’ll go over. uh nope. or she’ll just notice him. uh seems she wasn’t even aware he was looking at her or she was just ignoring him…..

    so nope he doesn’t speak to her. why not? because his friends are watching/there ??? because he fails all the time ??? or ????

    anyway at the party the guy that didn’t speak to the female in the park is leaving the bathroom. and this female seems pretty upset about something is heading to the bathroom. think it had something to do with being upset with the guy/boyfriend she was with at the party. well she seemed upset about something…

    sorry in true this geek fashion i don’t have every detail locked remembered so i’m not sure if he was leaving the restromm and got dragged back in by the female or was just at the door and was leaving and got pushed back in….

    but i do remember once inside the bathroom she started/pushed the action and he just went along.

    and things progressed and your thinking ‘hey they’re gonna have sex’ the camera lingers on on the yes strioped tee for second or two so you can see the worlds blur a bit above where the nipples are on his shirt….

    why did the camera stop/linger so we could read the blur thing. the lettering was small enough that you may not have made it out without aid of slow down…

    so yeah m. his being cool enough to be wearing a striped tee with the band name blur on it must have been important ??

    if he was wearing the ‘wrong’ band shirt would she have went through it ?? especially since it seem she’d never seen or spoke to this guy before.

    so the blur part must be an important detail ?????

    hell i know i’m the only one that’s mentioning this or even asking this question or even think it’s even 3 % worthwhile. where the losers at ????

    also earlier in ‘reprise’ there was a scene with ‘the guys’ where i swear one of them said them said something similiar to that he never learned of any cool/good of any books/music/movies etc from females.

    and i wish my head was more clear because i think before that segement some guy may have also said that no music/art he liked really featured females either (guess i’m gonna have to rewatch ‘reprise’ i guess when dvd hits. to have that clarified for me.because i know like anything else i notice think it it’s too ‘micro’ to get mentioned in any review…)

    but when you think of stuff ‘the guys’ like and the age bracket covered by the reprise guys this could just be read as only a throw away statement.

    regardless this is true for a lot of guys. hell a lot of them. so there plenty of truth to this and it interestiing to her it sooo blatantly in a film. and in a discussion with ‘the guys’ talking to ‘the guys’ about art/females. it was ‘perfect fit’

    so perfect it’s not even worthy of registering anywhere. the perfect example. snicker snicker…..

  7. glim, I adore you. Completely and utterly.

    But I’ve told you this before.



    There are far too many wackos and monkey f’ing idiots on the net. That’s all it is.

    Your comments are always safe with me. I’ll take good care of them. I check in constantly. No one EVER has a long wait for approval.


    I guess the BLUR thing was a promotional tie in…? Hee hee. I dunno. Having sex in a public bathroom is so utterly lacking in finesse anyway.

    Can’t even wait till you get back to the car?

    Ah, my legs are always too long for the car. Sometimes you can get a little cramped. But that depends entirely on what you’re doing or where you are.

    And any dudes that think that women haven’t done anything reasonably fascinating, interesting, cool or significant in terms of literature, music, film, culture or anything else (currently or over the centuries) are bloody ridiculous Neanderthal cretins of moronic proportions that deserve scorn, public whipping and lobotomies.



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