Now this is an interesting compilation that our awesome friends at EW have dreamed up.

It’s all about nonexistent (AT THE MOMENT) sequels and how the world would be a better place if they actually were on the slate. AT LEAST.

Of course, this all goes on the assumption that these would be well made films that actually add to the meaning and context of the originals. If not, far better to leave them alone. For good.

Here are the ones that make the most sense to me…

BEFORE SUNSET (For all the people who love and adore the first two films – the other is BEFORE SUNRISE – and the main characters, who WOULDN’T want to see what happens to JESSE and CELINE during the next few years?)

THE USUAL SUSPECTS (Too many unanswered questions. Still. To this day. Technically, we know who KEYSER SOZE is. But when, where and why…?)

THE INCREDIBLES (How’s the family…?)

MIDNIGHT RUN (ROBERT De NIRO went from enormous disdain and annoyance with CHARLES GRODIN’S character to a profound respect and close friendship. Did their paths ever cross again?)

Finally, OUT OF SIGHT. (I can’t see JACK FOLEYGEORGE CLOONEY’S character – lazing around behind bars being completely content. Sooner or later he’s going to be prematurely sprung from where he is and KAREN CISCOJENNIFER LOPEZ – is going to be looking for him.)

If you have any other ideas on what should be remade or sequelized, feel free to throw in your two and a half cents.

To hit the gallery, please go here

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