I’ve talked about this at great length on site. Now I’m going to present you with some concrete examples.

Many of you will recall that I’ve discussed the fashion and publishing industries ad nauseum.

Obviously there are some fabulous looking people at the forefront of the entertainment industry. Always have been. Always will be. That’s their bread and butter. It just gets people going.

It also feeds the endless machine.

Photoshopping and airbrushing have always been around in some form. Right from the start.

There are a million ways to doctor photographs – either to erase common flaws (even gloriously gorgeous people are human beings with imperfections – though their publicists would have you believe otherwise) or simply to embellish on the grand. They can literally do anything – erase scars, remove dozens of pounds, change hair colour and eye shades, add and lengthen hair etc.

I have some excellent examples here in this gallery.

You will find pictures of people like JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT, JESSICA SIMPSON, JENNIFER HUDSON and TYRA BANKS. Included are befores (their ordinary photos) and afters (what they looked like after they’ve been corralled for a photoshop session for a magazine).

It’s strangely fascinating and almost completely unnecessary.

Find it and tell me everything I need to know…

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