KATE HUDSON didn’t hesitate before diving head first into her new venture away from the silver screen.

But the actor admits that there were certainly difficult days ahead in the early development stages of an eco friendly hair care line with friend and stylist DAVID BABAII, who used KATE as his test subject.

“There was one time when there was a conditioner that literally turned my hair the driest it had ever been in its life,” she recalled. “I was like, ‘David, conditioners are supposed to hydrate! My hair is like straw.’

Ms. Hudson said the kinks are all worked out. The end result of the two year long process is DAVID BABAII FOR WILDAID, an Earth friendly line of shampoos, conditioners and other styling aids free of sulfates, parabens, petrochemicals, animal products and animal testing.

Ms. Hudson, who has worked with Mr. Babaii for a decade, said the star hairstylist had always wanted to do a line and asked her if she wanted to collaborate. She said it was important to create natural products that were accessible to the masses.

“I think there are amazing people out there who really do the work to make sure that protecting the environment is a priority. For me as a mother and a young woman, I think that it’s time to start making sure that we’re taking the steps to be part of a community that is about preserving our world.

I’ve never liked people preaching to me about anything. I don’t want anybody shoving things down my throat. But when it comes to saving the environment and where we are and what we need to do universally, I think it is what we need to start doing – and if I can be a part of that in any way, that’s my goal.”

Part of paying it forward involves giving ten per cent of the proceeds to WILDAID, a global wildlife conservation organization.

“I grew up with: Always give ten per cent back,” KATE remarked.

“That’s sort of my mom’s motto and I believe it should be like that for everything.”

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