And this is why I love RENEE…

A breast cancer scare and a close friend’s cancer diagnosis led RENEE ZELLWEGER to her latest role: television producer.

In 1996, just after she became a star appearing in JERRY MAGUIRE, the actor found two lumps in her breast. Fortunately, they were benign.

“I had a weird couple of days waiting for the phone call,” she said in the October issue of SELF magazine.

Breast cancer took centre stage again when her publicist NANCI RYDER was diagnosed with the disease. Ms. Ryder beat it when her friend LILLY TARTIKOFF took her to see DR. DENNIS SLAMON, the renowned UCLA researcher who developed the life saving drug HERCEPTIN.

So when RENEE – who went on to become an anticancer activist – was asked by her CHICAGO producers (CRAIG ZADAN and NEIL MERON) to executive produce a LIFETIME movie about Dr. Slamon, she jumped at the chance.

The motion picture is called LIVING PROOF.

Mr. Zadan, at the movie’s NEW YORK premiere Wednesday night, said that RENEE turned out to have powerful and wide ranging connections to many.

“Whenever we would need to get so and so, she’d say, ‘I’ll send an email.’ She could get to anybody – because if you get a personal email from Renee Zellweger, you take it very seriously. She helped put this movie together and emailed practically all the stars to see if they would be in it.”

That’s my girl….

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