Several weeks ago, over at my good friend CRAIG KENNEDY’S fabulous film site LIVING IN CINEMA, we were joking around about getting all hot and bothered in libraries.

Well, if you let it go to that extent, it is possible to get into a serious amount of mischief. ANYWHERE.

Please don’t ask for explanations of a public nature. I’m trying to keep it clean for the kids.

But I’m sure every last one of you knows exactly what I’m talking about…


In that particular spirit, our lovely friends from EW have a strong and intriguing list of films where characters did a variety of interesting things in those hallowed halls.

(If you’ve got an intellectual bent, you are bound to find acres of books, all that extraordinary prose and truly fascinating ideas rather…provocative. Wouldn’t you say…?)

This particular compilation features motion pictures such as: A BEAUTIFUL MIND, BEAUTY & THE BEAST, SEVEN, LORENZO’S OIL and THE MUSIC MAN.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

To find the gallery, please go here


  1. maybe the coolest idea for a list you’ve linked via ew…

    now ms. m you *do* know what your holding back info can lead to ??

    it’s sort of like a certain potential v.p. shouting abstinence only and look what happens to her daughter ???

    so ms. m if you really want to do it for the kids you’d give details.

    *just kidding*

    takes a bow… 🙂

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…..NO.

    I adore you, glim. You know that. But, just for the record…

    glim, I make jokes all the time. But I’m a really private person at the end of the day.

    The ONLY PERSON/PEOPLE that know what’s going on with me sexually is/are the person/people I’m doing it with.

    Put it to you this way….

    I don’t have to be in love. (Like…EVER.) But I do have to be fond of the person and respect him.

    I have talked about exes somewhat here. But it’s been pretty judicious and above board. I’ve only been out of my last relationship for a few months anyway.

    Do I have an official boyfriend? NO. Have I been idle since my last breakup? NO.

    But seeing as I don’t go jumping everyone that crosses my path and I only stick to gentlemen that actually turn my head in one way or another, I figure that I do owe them SOMETHING. And what I owe them is to be able to read this site and not have the time that we’ve shared and what we’ve done blasted all over these pages so that people can get their rocks off.

    Doesn’t matter if it was ten years ago, five years ago, last year or last night.

    Face it. If men thought I was on here talking about them, I’d never get laid again.

    So I’m NOT giving out any actual details. EVER.

    The kids can fend for themselves.

    So…all you gentlemen that are located in North America, you can sleep tonight.

    Your secrets are safe with me……

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