It’s a slow news day, ladies and gentlemen. Bear with me, please…

Our gracious friends at EW have a gallery connected to some of the worst film dialogue that has ever been spoken.

Yes, it’s true. Some of it is horrifically bad.

But there are two examples here that I think are actually quite wonderful.

“I’m just a girl – standing in front of a boy – asking him to love her,” (from NOTTING HILL) has its own unique charm, I think. It’s one of JULIA’S best performances in the finest and most magnificent romcom she ever made – and I think that she really sells the line.

Plus I’ve always had a soft spot for “You complete me” (from JERRY MAGUIRE).

It’s beyond my control. It’s just the way I feel about it. All of the rest of the examples they have I’ll buy. Even though I like some of those movies, they do possess some clunky badly written scenes and lines. For sure.

So take a look at it. For the slideshow, please go here


  1. i didn’t think those were that bad especially since most come from pop movies.

    and i actually like

    number five

    I’m gone, like a turkey in the corn. Gobble gobble!

    from twin peaks:fire

    number nine from she’s all that

    I feel just like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. You know, except for the whole hooker thing.

    and sorry number 11/via a cry in the dark

    A dingo ate my baby!

    has become a pop culture classic. *yeah* 🙂

    who hasn’t used this line or heard it used in the flesh???

    and i’ll even admit i thought that bit from the x men was funny too. but tell no one (ha ha)

    the ones i ref if they were sneaked into conversations or overheard, i’d laugh.

    the others may not be that bad. maybe it just sounds like what normal people say when they try the feeling of love off the tops of their heads and are influenced by pop culture.

    but i guess why this whatever can be perceived as bad/ is that yep, people may not know how to express whatever it is the feel. but they think movies/song lyrics/snipperts from commericals/hallmark type cards can say it so much better than they can…and the best we can get is…you’re why cavemen chiseled on walls

    maybe it’s time to be afraid. very afraid. 😉

    but i guess a lot of this stuff on the list would be let off the hook if you were the person it was being said to. (yes very dependent on who said it)

    but whatever.

    everyone knows if you want good dialogue, you just have to watch priceless 😉

  2. Oh, you like the ones that you mentioned as examples, glim? That’s OK.

    Come to think of it, the JULIA ROBERTS line from SAT isn’t so bad.

    And you’re absolutely right about one thing: the efficacy of those snippets of dialogue (or lines, as it were – hah hah) would depend on exactly who said them to you.

    Like I told you before, though, I don’t talk to strangers AND I can’t be picked up. I don’t get terribly friendly with men until I’ve run into them at least two or three times. Everyone I’ve ever had any kind of a romantic thing with was someone that I’ve known for a while. Generally connected to work or school or something similar. The only casual stuff that I’ve ever been involved with has been with exes.

    I’m the original long cool woman in a black dress. You can see me coming for MILES…….

    So, I guess for me, it would have to be someone I all ready knew. I’m not big on doing anything with anyone unless they’re prepared to treat me like the princess that I am. Have to see how motivated they are. If they’re willing to treat me the way I wish to be treated, we’ll talk.

    We’ll see if they can survive it.

    Hee hee….

  3. Hmmmm…

    PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN and TONI COLLETTE doing the voices in a claymation stop motion feature?

    Fascinating, glim. I love those two. They’re real artists that care deeply about the quality of their work.

    Could definitely be worth a look.

    Thanks, honey boy….

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