JIMMY KIMMEL is going to be on the upcoming cover of GQ.

He’s an absolute sweetheart. I knew he was hysterically funny. But I didn’t realize how thoughtful and sensitive he is.

Interesting guy…

I found some rather cool extracts from the interview he gave. Here they are:

On his breakup with SARAH SILVERMAN:

“They (the public) want to know for the wrong reasons. They don’t care about us. We don’t represent anything to them. People like to gossip. It’s human nature. You can’t really blame them for it. If people are interested, it is by definition interesting. But it’s not always as interesting as people might imagine it is. I wouldn’t do that to her. I wouldn’t discuss it in the media out of respect for her and she feels the same way with me, you know?”

On comedy:

“In an hour from now, I’m going to walk out onto a piece of wood we’ve surrounded by lights and cameras – and I’m going to do a show for 250 strangers. It’s so silly. You go out there and you do jokes and show funny little videos – and the audience laughs. But then you go sit behind a desk and you’re speaking to another person as they watch. It’s like pornography. It really is.”

On his guests:

“The guests are people I’ve never met. They walk out – and now they’re supposed to have a spontaneous seeming conversation with me. For between 7 and 10 minutes. Think about that. In front of a group of other strangers. Hey, you’re gonna watch us have a conversation now!

It seems normal because we’re used to it. But it’s not normal. It’s totally abnormal. It’s the least normal way you could possibly meet somebody. Meeting someone in a sex room on CRAIG’S LIST is more normal than this.”

On letting guests talk…OR NOT:

“I’m not scared of silence. I just don’t feel like I have to fill every second of conversation with a sound. I’ll pose a question and then I’ll stop and listen for the answer – and then when they seem to be finished I’ll ask the next question. I have great confidence in my ability to be funny. I really do. Maybe that makes me sound like a jerk. But I’ve always been able to be funny since I was a little kid. So I don’t have a lot to prove.

I figure I have plenty of time to talk. I try to remember that the guests only have 7 or 8 minutes to talk. This is a big deal for them. Their parents are probably watching. I invited them on my show and I want them to leave and feel good about it.”

On being stereotyped as dumb by being on THE MAN SHOW:

“People think I’m of below average intelligence because of that show. Which is a weird thing for me because in school I was always the smartest kid. It’s something I never anticipated would happen as a result of doing a comedy show. I mean, seriously…?”

On getting an offer to host his own late night talk show:

“I just couldn’t believe they’d put so little thought into this decision. It was like buying a house on the internet.”

On the first months:

“After the first six months, I was hoping the show would get cancelled because I figured I really can not live like this. We used to have to wave people into the show. We couldn’t get guests. That was unpleasant. The audience is sitting there staring at you. You have on people they’ve never heard of and they’ve barely heard of you in the first place. That’s just terrible. Oh, it’s terrible.

Then a lot of people who know you are expecting The Man Show and waiting for you to whip them into a frenzy – and I am not a frenzy whipper. It was terrible.

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