I didn’t make up this list. I found it. So PREMIERE (much as I adore them) is a bad influence on me. I’m totally blameless. I swear.

But when I see something like this, it’s definitely going up….

It’s not a photo gallery. It’s an article on the 10 characters (in film) that really truly absolutely need to get laid…immediately.

Among them are:



To find this awesome provocation, go here


  1. i’m not a movie character so i really don’t have a chance…

    anyway m said if your uh not attached she’d have no problem with you’re going to a ‘pro’.

    anyway and let’s stop the rumours. this wasn’t me ok… πŸ˜‰


    anyway the list from premiere is not really this geek approved. not ‘true life’ enough…. ‘the pain won’t end’ *ha ha*

    hmm. no i’m shooting it down…to the ground/even.

    everyone knows a real geek/person that needs to get laid is bound to be rejected again and again and one more time. it won’t end..

    by defination,virgins,nerds,geeks,losers,must never have a remote chance of bedding a female, unless of course the event is the result of a dare, a bet, a threat or some sort of financial transaction…some are born to be rejected again and again..” (i read this on the net. so you know it’s true…)

    sorry i’m whispering in your ear so you can hear what i say. gonna run those geek posuers out town. get the message through…

    before you get caught your confession is made look at yourself you’re a flash in the pan you’re a spark that’s out you don’t remember your name you’re fossilized you want blood from a stone you’ve got a hero’s heart but play a loser’s game

    get laid now…

    ‘it looks so far away/you dream about it every day…’

    ‘…bring you down/i see how it brings you down/
    ‘i can see how it brings you down/i can see how it brings you down…’

    and i can’t believe in this list/because i can’t believe in movies.

  2. glim, my darling, there is a girl out there for you. I know you don’t believe me.


    More than one of them, actually.

    You express yourself so beautifully at my site. You’re a lovely guy with a gorgeous poetic soul. Some girl is going to understand what a treasure you are. I know you don’t think so. But it’s going to happen.

    I wish you were more confident, though.

    Geek girls get laid all the time. Why not geek guys????

    Yeah, I did say that people should go pay for it if they were so horribly frustrated and couldn’t get laid. But I was being a smart ass.

    I genuinely think that individuals should only have sex with people that they either care about or that they’re passionately attracted to. But sometimes you have a few days (or maybe even several months) where you don’t meet anyone remotely like that.

    I wouldn’t be in a relationship where I wasn’t getting enough sex – and I’ve left MANY where that was going on.

    However, I’m not a moralist. I think prostitution is a pretty evil thing. But if it happens that someone doesn’t feel like they can take care of their own desires any more AND THEY NEED IT THAT MUCH – as long as they aren’t involved with anyone else and they’re not going to physically abuse or hurt someone – well, whatever…

    I don’t think it’s right. But I also don’t think it’s a big deal either. Happens all the time…

    That guy was a loser, glim. Plus he was in SAN JOSE. Hope they lock the scumbag up and throw away the key…

    Sasha Grey, glim? You’re naughty…Heh heh.

    I know you don’t believe in movies, my wondrous awesomely talented glimster. But you still go to them.

    The girl of your dreams is out there. You just have to find her – and you will…

    I said so and I know this for a fact…

  3. glim, you kill me…

    That link pretty much says it all…

  4. πŸ™‚

    and now how about a tidbit on a fave of yours that’s known for playing a chracter that uh didn’t have ‘the problem’ ??? πŸ˜‰


  5. KIM CATTRALL playing a woman who was a (fictional) 80s porn star, MONICA VELOUR???

    Funny stuff, glim. I would imagine that’s supposed to be a comedy. Sounds like it. Right?

    As far as I’m concerned, Ms. Cattrall can take that ball and run with it. I think this will be an exceprionally well suited role for her and she will do incredible justice to it.

  6. http://ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5hiTfJrrT2z10lW7ZWagdEDslVvxAD941A9I00

    yeah another guy that felt he had to uh what do you call it ‘get laid’ *now*

    anyway i should do a documentary. (lord or whomever knows film blogs love those)

    yep, it would collect all the insane stories about what guys have done when turned down for sex. just give me the grand prize. because you know it’s locked away.

    don’t worry m. when i’m a flash in the pan hype sensation with prizes. i’ll still give you an interview… πŸ˜‰

    the sinister eternity/when guys don’t get sex a new doc film by glimmer. coming in 2010… πŸ˜‰

  7. Well, docs are all the rage now, glim.

    But you could do a cool doc on ANYTHING. I have absolute faith and confidence in you.


    I’ll look forward to that glorious interview. Whenever it happens…

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