DANIEL CRAIG is back as JAMES BOND next week.

But filmgoers who were intensely distracted by the actor’s fantastic physique in CASINO ROYALE will be disappointed to learn that he keeps his clothes on in the brand new adventure QUANTUM OF SOLACE.

(DAMN. Are you trying to ruin my weekend…???)

Asked recently about his covered up character, DANIEL (slightly embarrassed) admitted that producer BARBARA BROCCOLI urged him to take off his shirt, saying: “What am I paying you for?”

“There wasn’t a beach scene,” he stated by way of explanation.

The blond actor was widely credited with reinvigorating the BOND franchise when CASINO ROYALE was released two years ago.

Much was made of his brutal, raw, ubermasculine take on the suave superspy. But his buff body had movie fans buzzing as well.

One of the most talked about scenes in CASINO ROYALE involved DANIEL emerging from the ocean in a pair of stylish powder blue bathing trunks. The sequence, BOND aficionados noted, recalled URSULA ANDRESS coming out of the water in her shimmering white tank suit in DR. NO and HALLE BERRY recreating that same move in her orange bikini in DIE ANOTHER DAY.

One critic called DANIEL “demonically sexy” and “scorchingly hot” while another said that the actor’s physique “was truly something to behold” and “possessed of a coiled, catlike grace that’s atypical for an action star.”

Though women did most of the lusting, men took notice as well. Numerous fitness websites set out to answer the elusive question: “How do I get a body like Bond?”

That was then…

QUANTUM OF SOLACE is a stark departure from DANIEL’S first turn as BOND. While CASINO ROYALE featured a lengthy high stakes poker game and was filled with banter between JAMES and love interest VESPER LYND, the new film is all about the action – chock a block with chase scenes and shoot em ups.

The story picks up right where CASINO ROYALE left off, with JAMES being devastated after being double crossed by VESPER. The secret agent’s heartbreak is so great that it’s even affected his libido. 007 is uninterested in romance this time around. He only engages in one brief encounter with GEMMA ARTERTON, which gives viewers the only look at his chiseled chest.

Director MARC FORSTER, whose previous credits include MONSTER’S BALL and FINDING NEVERLAND, says it didn’t feel right to showcase DANIEL’S body this particular time out.

“We have a scene where he takes his shirt off – and I think that’s actually plenty. I felt that the script didn’t dictate him to take his shirt off more often. Unless there’s a point in it for the story, there’s really no reason to show it. I believe it would come across as contrived. Just showing his body if there’s no reason for it.”

Producer MICHAEL G. WILSON concedes that female viewers got a kick out of DANIEL’S physique in CASINO ROYALE.

“I think a lot of the women enjoy seeing Daniel with his shirt off. But I think what’s important is what’s appropriate for the film. I know Barbara Broccoli was always saying to the director, ‘Come on. Get his shirt off.‘ It was not a conscious or unconscious decision. It was just simply what seemed appropriate.”

Even the other female lead in QUANTUM OF SOLACE – OLGA KURYLENKO – insisted that it wouldn’t be thematically right for BOND to be jumping into the sack with her character.

“She’s not at all about that,” remarked Ms. Kurylenko. “She’s not looking to pick up a man.”

“He’s just lost the woman he loved,” added MARC FORSTER. “That’s why there’s only one sex scene where he takes off his shirt.”

It’s early as I type this. I just had a bath (in Italian sandalwood, actually) and washed my hair. Now I think I need a cold shower.

For about three hours….

2 Responses to “DANIEL CRAIG IS BACK AS 007…”

  1. oh but maybe the dvd will have some deleted scenes with uh the shirt off action.

    darn i think he should take his shirt off too.

    i mean how could a script be deemed acceptable if daniel craig doesn’t at least have his shirt off a bit. seriously what is barbara paying him for ??? πŸ˜‰

    really m. lack of craig body/skin scene should equal rewritting the script.

    i mean there’s like 3 or 4 people with screenwriting credits in the new bond film and not one of them could think a good way to get some skin action going…..arrgh…please think of the children and please think of m. πŸ™‚

    well so no skin from bond this time. well if paul haggis thinks people are still upset talking about the way brokeback vs crash went down.(oscar time) think how theyre going to react to this ???

    paul haggis is the number one enemy of indie cinema. πŸ˜‰

    there there m. i can just picture you shaking your head… πŸ˜‰

    i mean ok, so craig/bond isn’t showing much skin this time/but couldn’t he at least wear some tattoo like like tights ???? πŸ™‚

  2. You are SO hysterically funny, sweet glim.

    please think of the children and think of m.

    Yes, yes, YES. Certainly, by all means, think of glorious blonde self absorbed me – and the children….

    Ha ha hah.

    Well, Paul Haggis lucked out. He did some decent writing for TV. But it’s really not his fault that he made a mediocre crap movie and the ACADEMY actually voted for it as BEST PICTURE.

    Yeah, I’ve been enraged about the BROKEBACK/CRASH thing for far too long. It’s probably time to let it go now. It was three years ago and lamenting their lame brained choice and lack of taste will change nothing.

    So be it…

    Oh, GOD, glim. Those tattooed tights that I featured over at my fashion column GLAMOROUS EXCESS are just creepy. I find them genuinely scary.

    Truth be told, I think that Mr. Craig is a fantastic actor and an incredible BOND.

    Has he got a hot body? YEAH.

    But his talent and his charisma are what make me show up opening weekend. His physique is just the whipped cream on top of the cheesecake.

    So to speak…

    I adore you, glim. Always have. Always will….

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