I like to think of this as JAMES BOND WEEK here at CINEMATIC PASSIONS while we’re counting down the days to the QUANTUM OF SOLACE premiere.

But I guess (all things considered) that this is actually JAMES BOND DAY.

All three slideshows that I’m putting up are BOND related.

It’s just the luck of the draw…

First up, EW polled their readers to get their impressions of who they felt should be the next leading woman in a BOND flick.

They made two suggestions that I feel are a little off. Both of these women are more than attractive and talented enough. But I don’t think they’d really be right.

UMA THURMAN is a very big star. She’s also done the action bit before (to unqualified perfection) in the KILL BILL movies. So she probably doesn’t need to do it again.

But I am in wholehearted approval of MONICA BELLUCCI and SIENNA MILLER. I think LENA HEADEY would be very interesting as well.

To find the gallery, please go here

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