Slow news day. So I’ll leave y’all with this.

Here we have one of the greats singing one of the best classic songs of all time: RAY CHARLES performing COME RAIN OR COME SHINE.

Suits my mood today.

Unless the world ends, swing by tomorrow.

I’ll be around with something new…



  1. That truly was.

    Thanks for that, glim. As always.

    Hah. Only in Turkey….

  2. ha ha,yeah m. batman has his biggest battle yet… 😉

    hey ms m. you never told us about this ????

    in the year we get the milk bio pic. this happens…

    and one more step for bloggers/one more smackdown for palin ! 🙂

  3. glim, you are just an amazing fount of information today…

    First of all, I just want to say that I adore Oregon. My relatives used to live in Eugene and I visited them out there.


    Oregon is really progressive and filled with cool people. Haven’t been there in years. But I’ll go back one day.

    Don’t know when though.

    That other thing is too funny, glim. SARAH PALIN getting her little nose in an uproar about bloggers? Saying that they’re just spreading gossip and lies typing up stuff in their parents’ basements in their pajamas?

    Well, you lost, sweetie. So why don’t you just shut your piehole???

    If you’d had any credibility whatsoever, you could have won.


    I’d just like all of my readers to know that, unless I have something important lined up for the day, I type up all of my posts – and comments – wearing the most expensive lingerie.

    I’ve all ready caught hell from someone that I know concerning this.

    But if he knew what I looked like when I was doing it, somehow I doubt that that dear sweet gentleman would complain…


    Some people just don’t know when they have it good…

  4. and for those of us not glammy enough for cool lingerie/there are ‘computer lounging clothes’

    all i have to say is that i’m wearing something green… 🙂

    computer lounging clothes =equal ultra comfortable clothing perfect for your hours of net roaming but maybe aren’t wearable in the ‘outside world’

    maybe the clothing is too old/small/to big to/too scruffy/torn/ whatever. whenever you’re in computer lounging clothes it’s about leaving the outside world or even the net world and its conventions/rules and regulations behind… it’s about crawling inside your mind and throwing it on the screen….

    it’s about ‘running away where no one can see/some where f**ked up/where you’ll be free’ it’s about allowing you to clear your head and being able to breathe.

    ‘computer lounging clothes’ is not only a nice f**k you to the fashion industry but also to a cinematic world that has put the dark knight and pixar to the top… 😉

    ‘take my word/i’ve got more soul/i can’t hide my glow/in tattered clothes/i’ve got a torn up suit/i’ve got a hole in my boot…’

  5. My sweet lovely glimster, you should have your own blog, buddy…

    I’d support you until the end of time.

    “…it’s about crawling inside your mind and throwing it on the screen…”

    “a nice fuck you to the fashion industry”?

    Hah. Well, seeing as it’s now my bread and butter, I can’t come down on that sector very hard.

    But I do understand the sentiment. COMPLETELY.

    I’ve been flipping people off (in the car AND out of the car) from the time that I understood precisely what that was all about. I’m a maverick and a rule breaker. I would never do anything deliberately to hurt anyone.

    But I understand no terms aside from my own.

    So, though we are looking at this from entirely different viewpoints, I understand and approve, glim.

    Plus you were wearing green. Always one of my favourite colours.

    Brings out my extravagant emerald eyes…

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