I’ve always been exceptionally fond of ROGER MOORE.

His debonair handsomeness and dry wit made him a most attractive and appealing JAMES BOND. He’s not my favourite 007 by a long shot (Mr. Craig and Mr. Dalton have that special place in my black Irish heart).
DANIEL CRAIG (except for his hair colour) and TIMOTHY DALTON both splendidly embody the edgy, ultramasculine vibe that IAN FLEMING described in his novels.

There isn’t a bad BOND in the bunch. But JAMES BOND has to be someone I’d want to break furniture with.

Apparently Mr. Moore does approve of his latest successor…

ROGER MOORE told reporters yesterday that DANIEL CRAIG was “marvelous” as JAMES BOND because he brought a fresh dimension to the character.

Mr. Moore, who starred in seven BOND films in the 70s and 80s, said that Mr. Craig’s work in such films as MUNICH and SYLVIA helped to shape a brand new BOND era.

“Those parts were very different to one’s conception of Bond.”

Of DANIEL CRAIG’s performance in CASINO ROYALE, he stated, “I thought he was absolutely marvelous.”

Some BOND fans were initially critical of Mr. Craig, questioning whether a classically trained actor with little experience in action films could conceivably be a realistic 007.

Mr. Moore, speaking at an event to promote his autobiography MY WORD IS MY BOND, said he had yet to see QUANTUM OF SOLACE.

However, he did meet DANIEL CRAIG at a recent celebration for IAN FLEMING in London and found him “a charming guy.”

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