I’ve been over this before in public.

But I’ll just state it again for the record in relation to this article.

ROGER MOORE was an extremely handsome man back in the day. He still is.

He was never my favourite BOND. (Those illustrious positions belong to TIMOTHY DALTON and DANIEL CRAIG respectively. Don’t ever ask me to choose. I’d give you different answers on alternate days.)

ROGER MOORE was sly, amusing and he had a wonderful grace about him. The ideal BOND? Perhaps not. But certainly a very entertaining one.

CHRIS NASHAWATY of EW (that immensely fortunate boy) got to sit down and talk to the man himself. It’s quite the illuminating read.

Here are a couple of excerpts…

Adjectives almost fail to do justice to Moore’s speaking voice. It’s a purr coated in honey and caramel and molasses.

Moore also tells a story that should get the legions of Connery purists shaken and stirred too. Namely, that he was considered for the role of 007 in 1962’s DR. NO before Connery was tapped.

‘That’s what they told me, at least,’ he says. ‘They also said I was Ian Fleming’s first choice. But Ian Fleming didn’t know me from shit. He wanted Cary Grant or David Niven.'”

God, I love this guy. He has a wicked sense of humour.

To get the whole damn thing, please go here

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