IN STYLE has a gallery chock full of the most daring dresses of the year.

Surprisingly, all of them are great. They don’t push the envelopes beyond the borders. So to speak.


To take a closer look, please go here


  1. daring dresses and a more daring article ….;)

    i’m sorry i love this article. 🙂

  2. Uh…SURE, my darling glim.

    I don’t really dig the way that question is worded.

    For example, I have CINEMATIC PASSIONS. I write a fashion column (GLAMOROUS EXCESS) for BRITANNICA BLOG. I NEED to be on the internet.

    Other people have things that have to be done on the net that have the same level of importance. IF NOT MORE.

    So sometimes it’s not really a question of decisions. There are essential things that go on in cyberspace that sometimes can’t be done elsewhere. If they can, they’re generally NOT as convenient.

    But sex, well…

    You won’t die if you don’t get it. But don’t tell me there aren’t some days (make that every day for someone like me) where you feel like the world will end if you don’t take down a civilization or two.

    When your significant other calls you on the phone at lunchtime and tells you he’s going to be home early, you know what that means….

    Or you’ve just started to see someone new and you know exactly when you’re going to make your move – and what you’re going to say and do.

    And how it will all stack up at the end of the day….

    I have to be here. I have too much to do.

    But choosing between sex and the internet…?

    Don’t make me laugh, sweetheart.

    The internet doesn’t stand a chance…

  3. uh no m. as we learned fron ‘no country’ we both know how this is gonna turn out… (sorry if I’m botching the exact quote….)

    since i’m not gonna have sex. well not that i know of… this article and the replies its kick up rules.

    it’s all about the internet and computer lounging clothes.

    i’m sure some cool souls have figured out multitasking enough to combine being on the net while having sex/and then they can upload it/somewhere and i can watch that. see it’s all about the interet…

    don’t worry sexless wimps kids (uh all 17 of you world wide) i’ve got your back and i’m here to represent you.

    and this something i ran across on the net. way whenever ago. yes i saved in the windows note pad thing.thanks…. oh oh…..

    Should an ugly guy do without sex because he is ugly? I think every woman should be required by law to f*** at least one ugly, poor guy a week, possibly for some sort of tax credit.

    that was damn amazing because i love when a guy says something totally insane and potentially totally embarrassing (yes i assure this guy ‘meant’ it man… ) and that guy isn’t me. i’m always in shock and cheer!!!!!!

    only on the internet and it’s the internet for the win. this rant also had something about how God shouldn’t let good looking guys should have a big penis/because they have too many advantages and they get to have sex too.

    and some other general insanity. i really laughed through. darn it. darn it. why didn’t i save his entire rant. i assure you geeks that aren’t gonna have sex can really rant and at least his was funny.

    oh well i doubt post writing that whirlwind of words he’s had sex. but as long as us geeks have computer lounging clothes you can’t take away out dignity….

    ‘good or bad/ it all adds up in the end/but you can never win.’ ha ha ha

  4. No, I remember that quote, glim. I think that’s close enough. If not correct.

    Ha ha. My good God…

    My darling, it’s not that difficult to get laid. Like I keep telling you, there are professionals around if you really need it.

    Plus there are ugly guys getting laid. Trust me on this. COMPLETELY.

    But some of them have money (of course…), some of them have fabulous charisma and some of them are just nice guys.

    That other myth needs to be exploded too – because some men still haven’t figured that out yet. Just because you’re hung like a horse doesn’t make you a good lay. Or a great one either. Some men act like you should just be grateful.

    That’s a crock.

    Here’s the deal…

    Most women wouldn’t want someone who was…uh, overly well endowed. Know why? It’s uncomfortable. If anything, it takes you longer to relax. Let’s just say it all takes longer. At the beginning.

    Ask MOST women what they want in an ideal lover. Unless a woman is just out for a hot fling and she wants to get it good and not worry about the rest of it, she will always say things like tenderness and consideration.

    Those two (very important) qualities have nothing to do with the possession of a big pole.

    I’m telling you. IT’S NOT WHAT YOU’VE GOT. IT’S HOW YOU USE IT.


    And that’s your lesson for the day, kids…

  5. My darling, it’s not that difficult to get laid. really it is m. i know that it’s hard and i know that’s tough…like damn impossible. ha ha ha…

    and m. thanks for the awesome chime on the big penis thing. but i was already clued in to this not being essential/and often not wanted or that guys with a huge penis often aren’t that good. see m. that’s why i say it’s the internet for the win. see what i can learn from the net. ha ha…

    and remember. hell, I think it was earlier this year some female out there in net land said a larger penis sort of limits the creativity factor a bit/for her.

    now why didn’t i save that bit to notepad ?? because i’m not gonna have sex. takes a bow… 🙂

    I’m telling you. IT’S NOT WHAT YOU’VE GOT. IT’S HOW YOU USE IT.

    well, m. whatever it is i’ve got/it’s not worth having.

    i’m whining/nagging and nervous/i’m compulsive/frivolous /over weight and hairy/don’t ya just want to meet me ???


    …lonely weekends/i had a problem with my hips/just some creep from the sticks…well i came in cold/but i was never sold/when you’re a geek the streets aren’t paved in gold…girls with that kind of..don’t give it away. i’ll be slightly older and slightly sick. just another creep from the sticks/just another creep from the sticks ‘

    I’m telling you. IT’S NOT WHAT YOU’VE GOT. IT’S HOW YOU USE IT.

    right like i can be on internet. see it’s the internet for the win. i’ve got it. ha ha ha… 😉

    really m. me in person. yeah i’m uh my barrages of phyiscal awarkdness is gonna wow’em. but hey guys with a huge penis or lie about having one. have gadizllions of confidence. and that’s supposedly good. so it’s thelarge penis for the win. ha ha ha. just kidding ms. m.

    really ms. m. don’t take anything i say too seriously because its too late to care. and i have really pretty much given up. oh wait i gave up a few years ago.

    and i feel better about about my ‘sexlessness’ since i haven’t been dumb enough to get a real crush in awhile. thank god or whomever…

    crushes are weird because as that kid in that overrated no country movie said (and since everyone repeated those phrases i sort of know them )

    ‘we both know how this is gonna turn out’

    hmm really i think i do. which is why i give up. la la la…

    hey,hey, hey…it’s always for last place.

    now he’s staring at the ceiling/trying to figure out/what it is he’s feeling…

  6. glim, I’m telling you…

    One day before I hit the big blogosphere in the sky and CINEMATIC PASSIONS is but a distant memory, you are going to meet a girl who’s hot for you. One that will really be significant.


    You’re such a special person, my darling glim. It’s sad that you don’t see that.

    But there will be a girl for you. Somewhere somehow some day.

    I guarantee it. Then you’ll be able to say (whether I’m still blogging or not), “Yeah, M was right.”

    I know you were here earlier today trying to get some stuff to work. I’m so sorry that it didn’t. But technology and the net being what they are, sometimes you just can’t get your links to link or your content to work properly.

    It’s just the way it goes. But thank you for thinking of me – and for trying so hard.

    I genuinely appreciate all of it.

    Hey, wasn’t that JAVIER that said, “I think we both know how this is going to turn out,” in NO COUNTRY?

    Overrated mess that that thing was, I still remember Javier. Even with that horrendous haircut.

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