Anyone who has seen the article on MY 20 FAVOURITE FEMALE ACTORS knows that AVA GARDNER clocks in at the #2 position.

Technically, she’s practically a tie for first place.

I may not be the best judge (being a straight girl) but I think she is definitely the sexiest woman I have ever seen. Not only that, her spectacular beauty was unrivalled by anyone in the entire world, aside from my #1 (ELIZABETH TAYLOR).

She seemed to be an utterly fascinating person. I’ve always felt an inexplicable bond with her. When I read her autobiography, I understood why.

Of all the famous women I’ve admired since childhood, she was the most like me.


What can I say? You have to watch those wild green eyed Irish Catholic girls…

Ava bathed in the glow of wicked, rebellious irreverence. But there was a great depth to her that she tried to shield from the world. She was deeply generous and loyal to people she cared about. But she didn’t suffer fools gladly.

Or at all.

She had a will made of iron. Ava was strong, stubborn, independent and knew exactly what she wanted. There were many that were drawn to all that fire and music. But she put up with absolutely nothing.

She knocked Howard Hughes out cold one night when he started to slap her around in the midst of a jealous rage.

Ava was no man’s possession. She was a free spirit and recognized no terms except her own.

And all of that hot blood…

Or, as she so winningly put it, “Honey, when I lose my temper, you can’t find it anywhere.”

Sadly, she is no longer with us.

But her birthday was CHRISTMAS EVE.

I dedicate today’s GLAMOROUS EXCESS fashion column – featured over at BRITANNICA BLOG – to the memory of my glorious idol (and sister in spirit), AVA GARDNER.

God, I wish that I had known her…

To find it, please go here

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