So the GOLDEN GLOBES are done.

Some of it was sensational. But I was rather…distracted by a number of things going on. So I wasn’t really paying attention all night.

Still, it was a pretty fine time. All things considered.

I have never been a fan of KATE WINSLET. Nothing against her. She’s good looking and supremely talented.

But it’s just a matter of preference and importance. Why are we fond of the people we like and why do we adore them? Who knows exactly? I’m sure it’s different in every individual case.

I never really connected with her.

But this past year was different.

She played two strong, sensual women and she did it to absolute perfection. For once in my life, I could relate. I thought that KATE was extraordinary.

Now she’s a double GOLDEN GLOBE winner for two different acting roles IN THE SAME NIGHT. I think that’s a first, isn’t it?

I actually didn’t see KATE’S initial win. But her second made me giddy. I was applauding, crying, cheering. She was SO deserving. It was just glorious.

I still don’t get COLIN FARRELL. He has quite the naughty (if not nasty) reputation. But in public conversations he seems so sweet and vulnerable. He was again when he went up to the podium to accept his GG. He had tears in his eyes.

Yeah, I know he’s an actor.

But I was incredibly happy for him. Loved what he said about Dublin and Catholic guilt.

Well, guilt was never my strong suit. That was why I left the church.

But good for you, honey…

I was thrilled to bits over SALLY HAWKINS’ trip to the podium. HEATH’S victory was welcome but tremendously bittersweet.

Haven’t seen MICKEY ROURKE in THE WRESTLER yet. But it was awesomely funny when DARREN ARONOFSKY playfully flipped him off.

All of that was just grand.

Here are the winners of the 2009 GOLDEN GLOBES:




























Just to wrap up…

In a riches to rags year in the worldwide economy, an international rags to riches tale touched hearts, minds and GOLDEN GLOBE voters.

SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE swept all four categories in which it was nominated last night, winning awards for BEST DRAMATIC FILM, DIRECTOR, SCREENPLAY and MUSICAL SCORE.

SM’s decisive wins at the GOLDEN GLOBES over larger, more traditional fare like THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON, DOUBT and FROST/NIXON – surprisingly, all shutouts – bolsters the tiny, gritty, feel good film’s OSCAR chances.

Other winners included KATE WINSLET, who received two awards, WOODY ALLEN’S Spanish romp VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA in the BEST MUSICAL/COMEDY category and HEATH LEDGER, who received a posthumous BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR prize.

KATE WINSLET, who has put together a stellar career at 33 and been nominated for a GOLDEN GLOBE five times but never won, took home two trophies, BEST ACTRESS (DRAMA) for REVOLUTIONARY ROAD and SUPPORTING ACTRESS in THE READER.

As the first winner of the evening for her supporting turn, KATE clutched her trophy and unwrapped a sheet of paper. She explained the length of her speech by stating, “I have a habit of not winning.”

To her husband SAM MENDES she remarked, “I’m sorry I was so mental at the end.” Then she waved to her two children Mia and Joe and told them, “Look, I won.”

Taking the stage for the second time to accept the prize for BEST ACTRESS, KATE acknowledged her estimable competitors, who included MERYL STREEP (DOUBT), KRISTIN SCOTT THOMAS (I’VE LOVED YOU SO LONG) and ANGELINA JOLIE (CHANGELING).

“Anne, Meryl, Kristin, oh God, who’s the other one? Angelina! Forgive me. Is this really happening? Thank you so much.”

She went on to thank “two incredible men, who are such special people in my world.” One of them was her REVOLUTIONARY ROAD and TITANIC costar LEONARDO DiCAPRIO: “I’ve loved you for 13 years and your performance in this film is nothing short of spectacular.”

She then singled out her husband, SAM MENDES, who directed her for the first time in REVOLUTIONARY ROAD. “Thank you for directing this film, babe – and thank you for killing us every single day and really enjoying us being in such horrific pain.”

As expected, HEATH LEDGER earned the GLOBE as BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR for his diabolical turn as THE JOKER in the summer blockbuster THE DARK KNIGHT.

His award was picked up by director CHRISTOPHER NOLAN, who said he and his collaborators were stoked by the enormous acclaim and acceptance the film and HEATH’S performance have gained world wide.

“All of us who worked on The Dark Knight accept with an awful mixture of sadness but incredible pride. After Heath passed, you saw a hole ripped in the future of cinema.”

CHRISTOPHER NOLAN said he prefers to concentrate on “the inevitable place in the history of world cinema that Heath built for himself. He will be eternally missed but he will never be forgotten.”

On the comedic side, SALLY HAWKINS won the BEST ACTRESS award for HAPPY GO LUCKY, in which she portrays a British schoolteacher who manages to remain cheerful no matter what trouble arises in her life. Rather unknown before her lovable performance as the easygoing, flamboyant POPPY, SALLY beat long time GLOBES favourite MERYL for her splashy turn in MAMMA MIA.

“Sorry, I have to put this down,” SALLY said, tearfully arranging her statuette on stage. “I’ll try and get through as much as my voice and nerves and knees will let me.”

Also in the comedy category, COLIN FARRELL won BEST ACTOR for IN BRUGES, yet another small picture about a pair of hit men hiding out in a scenic Belgian town. It came out last February.

COLIN, also a GLOBE winner for the first time, paid tribute to writer/director MARTIN McDONAGH “for not listening to me when I asked you to cast somebody else. I’ve never been at peace with being so ignored in my life.”

He wanted to share his award with perennial character actor BRENDAN GLEESON, his costar who was nominated in the same category. “I’ll cut it when I get off stage and you can have a hemisphere.”

Another come from behind winner was MICKEY ROURKE, who took home the award for BEST ACTOR (DRAMA) in THE WRESTLER.

The film, which also earned a BEST SONG award for BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN’S melancholy little tune, has a bit of a life imitates art feel about it. MICKEY plays a washed up brawler struggling to make a comeback 20 years past his prime.

Following a promising start in the 80s with films like DINER and 9 1/2 WEEKS, MICKEY fell out of acting, into emotional turmoil and started up a career as a boxer. Now he’s receiving hard won acclaim – and OSCAR buzz – for his emotionally stripped down performance.

“It’s been a very long road back for me,” he stated in his sweetly rambling speech.

“I’ve said this before, in sports especially which I can relate to. Really, truly great players come around every 30 years and I really, truly believe Darren is one of those cats.”

MICKEY said that he wanted to thank his dogs. Even the ones that were no longer with him.

“Sometimes when a man’s alone, all you got is your dog.”

Known for its informal, free wheeling style, the GOLDEN GLOBES did not disappoint.

British comedian RICKY GERVAIS was the first to break up the audience, which he attempted to silence by saying, “Shush! How rude you are…Just because you are film stars.”

He then went on to make fun of his lack of a GLOBE nomination – and his attempt to get one. “That’s the last time I have sex with 200 middle aged journalists,” he said of the HOLLYWOOD FOREIGN PRESS, the organization responsible for the GOLDEN GLOBES.

“Europeans with wispy beards – and the men were worse.”

Concerning KATE’S SUPPORTING ACTRESS award for THE READER, RICKY quipped: “What did I tell you, Winslet? Do a Holocaust movie. Win an award. That’s the trouble with Holocaust films. There is no gag reel on the DVD.”

Later, 30 ROCK comedian TRACY MORGAN got the crowd to roar when the NBC show was named BEST COMEDY SERIES.

“Tina Fey and I had an agreement,” he said. “If Barack Obama won, I could speak for the show from now on. Welcome to post racial America.”


Then Tina got her time at the podium: “If you ever feel too good about yourself, they have this thing called the internet. You can find a lot of people who don’t like you.”

She then listed several names of posters at a particular on line forum and told them each “to suck it.”

Backstage, the victorious had plenty to say…

VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA producer LETTY ARONSON was accompanied backstage by other producers STEPHEN TENENBAUM and GARETH WILEY.

But not director WOODY ALLEN.

“Woody is at home in New York. Probably sleeping,” stated Ms. Aronson.

What was his advice for what to say if they won?

“His advice was that nobody’s really interested and to go quickly. They’ll get bored. Just thank everybody, be polite and move on.”

SALLY HAWKINS reflected, “I think I said too much. But yeah. It exploded my head to say the least.”

As she was walking up to accept the prize, she said that MERYL whispered in her ear and said, “Are you happy now?”

SALLY added that her fanciful alter ego, POPPY, would most likely celebrate a win of that particular calibre by flamenco dancing down at the disco and imbibing lots of champagne. “I think she’d be very proud.”

“It’s nice to hear people say, ‘Well done,’ ” COLIN FARRELL said of his award for IN BRUGES.

“You know that from your early days as a child, it’s nicer to hear ‘well done’ than to get a smack on the head. ”

Asked about his current projects, the Irish thesp answered, “Keeping my shit together,” before mentioning his upcoming project with PETER WEIR – THE WAY BACK – which is set to begin shooting in Bulgaria.

After briefly mentioning his well documented stint in rehab, COLIN said he was likely to celebrate that evening by going home.

“I’ve had a great couple of nights leading up to this. I’ll go out somewhere. Whatever. Slam a couple of Diet Cokes.”

Adding in a tone of comic desperation, “What are you gonna do?”

And finally, the goddess KATE WINSLET seemed even more shocked (if that is possible) by her twin trophies in the press room.

“I really do feel this is a dream. Honestly. Has this happened before? This is unbelievable. It’s not supposed to happen. I thought Anne Hathaway was going to win. Hands down.”

She said that while she and her husband SAM MENDES were aware of the potential challenges of working together, the experience “absolutely brought us closer. I got to see a side of him I hadn’t seen before. To have had access to a whole other side of him is such a gift and it’s just been such an amazing time…”

And that does it for another year, boys and girls…

14 Responses to “2009 GOLDEN GLOBES RECAP”

  1. COLIN FARRELL. He has quite the naughty (if not nasty) reputation.

    well all you need to know about colin… πŸ˜‰

    is that he has a sex tape out there on the net (thank god or whomever.)

    and he does something most guys won’t do. and i thought that was pretty cool. the geek has spoken. πŸ™‚

    keeping with the celeb ‘standard’ the tape itself wasn’t that interesting. but the surprise bit was uh. yeah…and that’s a yes.

    ha ha. πŸ™‚

  2. i think it’s time for the wrestler 2


    i love this story. talk about an underdog.cool… πŸ™‚

  3. glim, that is FANTASTIC.

    A 112 pound girl who wrestles boys in her high school league AND BEATS THEM???

    You’re right, pal. Cooler than hell…

  4. glim, my boyfriend will kill me. But where can you see that tape on the net?

    I mean, strictly in terms of journalistic research and all. You understand…

    glim, you’ve really got me going now. What does COLIN do??? It’s not really gross, is it?

    If it’s bad, email me. I’ve got to know.


  5. glim, I’m just gonna flag this as a sexually explicit post. If anyone is offended by this, please don’t read it.

    glim is my good friend and he’s doing me a favour.

    I want to hear about this.

    well, ms m., it’s not that bad just sort of surprising…

    anyway colin is holding the cam through the entire vid there’s some position changing blah blah…

    anyway, at whatever point colin is on his back and you can see nicole narin’s (his ex and some sort of ex playboy playmate) back and suddenly things get a bit blurry like he’s having a hard time focusing the camera *cough cough* and all you see is his leg and he stopped moving and it seems he doing that tense up/relax thing. hmm…

    anyway so pretty much directly after this he decides to wow nicole with his oral skills…

    you never see the evidence/but your ultra novice/yep me says it seems colin may have orgasmed (no condom used/but since they were dating, that’s ok…) and then did….. yep. πŸ™‚

    nope, ms. m, nothing ultra extreme just not something i wasn’t expecting to see on celeb thing. surprise. gosh i hope that wasn’t too lame for you. ha ha… πŸ™‚

    and if he didn’t orgasm the tape is a lot more entertaining thinking he did ha ha….

    anyway, ms. m, i watched this without sound (i don’t have pc speakers/nor do i miss no longer having them. ) so sure there’s lots i missed and there’s some dialogue going on too, anyway…

    the rumor that colin has the biggest penis ever. well, you know what i mean it isn’t true…

    he is very impressive in the girth department. really impressive. his penis seems average or slighly above average length wise but the girth factor is in a class of it’s own…

  6. Still talking about the naughty stuff.

    Plug your ears and run out of the room screaming if you can’t take it…

    See, glim. This is the thing that’s so ridiculous to me.

    Having a sex tape is not a moral issue. It’s just plain idiocy. Unless someone is aware that they’re exceptionally attractive AND really great in the sack, why would they want everyone and their dog watching them bang someone???

    But I guess if you’re that much of an exhibitionist, then it works.

    For myself, if the trust level is there and there’s a connection with the guy, I’ll take it to the wall.

    But I am relentlessly private. So there is no way in hell that I would ever make a tape. You never know who might get hold of it.

    glim, having an orgasm and ejaculating are actually separate things with guys. But I know what you mean.

    If Colin’s any good at oral, then he’ll have women following him around for years on end. (Well, they will anyway…)

    Men ALWAYS say they love it and they’re fabulous at it. That’s a load of garbage. Most men are awful at that. They’re just trying to impress you.

    If some guy is really good at that, it’s RARE.

    So that’s interesting…

    Thanks, glimster. You’re such a fount of information, you little hipster, you…

  7. no problem with the flagging/ms. m. πŸ™‚

    anyway, colin is bald in the vid. so i guess this happend circa the film of daredevil…

  8. It’s just that kids could be reading that, glim.

    I doubt that anyone who’s genuinely tight or terribly conservative hangs out at my site. But I thought it might be better if people had a specific warning.

    Always nice to know what you’re getting into…

    Honey, thanks so much for sending me that COLIN FARRELL sex tape BTW. But I couldn’t get it to work.

    Ha ha.

    Well, I guess some things just aren’t meant to be….

  9. ok ms.m. try using media player classic home cinema . this should play it and about everything else too, pretty much.

    hell i love this. it’s free and spyware free and takes up pretty much no space.

    *try it*



    glim, I adore you. You’re a genius, babe.

    So here’s the thing…

    Being the passionate Irish girl that I am, I have ALWAYS loved films that were sexy or possessed a hot sexual chemistry.

    Then, when my family had pay for view for a few years, I actually watched some porn. Both hard core and soft core.

    Some of it was really thrilling. Some of it was vile. Most of it DIDN’T turn my crank (except for bits and pieces here and there) and quite a lot of it was laughable.

    Thanks to you now, I have watched the COLIN FARRELL sex tape and the SEVERINA VUCKOVIC sex tape that you sent me.

    Here are my impressions….

    I have never seen tapes of real people riding the hobby horse. For the most part, it does NOTHING for me. I didn’t find them terribly interesting either. I guess it’s just too raw and realistic for me.

    Some of the best porn (IMO) is glamourized and certainly any mainstream film is. I find stuff like BODY HEAT, THE UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS OF BEING, MONA LISA and DANGEROUS LIAISONS tremendously hot.

    I guess if you’re the person that’s doing it (in these real life scenarios) it’s something else. But to watch it…

    NAW. *big yawn*

    But COLIN….

    You were right about him, glim. His tallywacker is most impressive. As are his oral skills.

    And the body on him. OH MY HOLY LORD. The man is built like a brick shack.

    I think he should have said FUCK or FUCKING a little more often, though, right?

    Hah hah hah hah hah hah….

    Some of it was hysterical. They had that gorgeous white cat running around the whole time watching them.

    The only thing that REALLY did it for me was the fact that he repeatedly told NICOLE how beautiful she was…and he kept calling her PRINCESS.

    Now that would light my fire.

    Other than that, NADA.

    But thanks for all of the info AND the player, glim. I am eternally grateful to you.

    You’re such a little fount of information. Whatever would I do without you…?

  11. really m. i know you’re not religious/and i saw this and thought of you. πŸ˜‰

    this is supposedly a real church sign in houston.

    see the other interestng church sign here..


    anyway, ms. m. uh, the only porn i’m really interested in celeb porn/it doesn’t matter if it’s ‘good’ or not i want to see it.

    (most celeb stuff seems to be of the can i do a sex tape and not reveal much of my real sexual persona or be intersting to see and still get ateention for having a sex tape.check…)

    and i also want to see real home made stuff. and yes i realize alot of this comes via someone being made a female dumped him so he puts a vid of them together on the net. yep i know large chunks of these could be ‘stolen’/found on someone else’s hard drive and then put on the net. someone loses a cell phone and then etc..

    but hey i must look at this some time. so hey someone filming themselves and not being a porn star/pro or paid for it is pretty much the only porn i want to see.

    thanks for letting me know what’s happening verbally in the tape. i’m been too lame to burn to dvd to get an earful. so thanks… πŸ™‚

    and no escaping ms. m. /well not unless you want to. uh severina vuckovic uh your take on this ???

    i keep thinking now that’s a celeb sex tape… πŸ˜‰

  12. Well, glim babe…

    I’m not religious as in organized/bible thumping/church going blah blah blah.

    As a kid, I went to Sunday school and attended church regularly with my parents. When my hormones hit at 12, I wanted out. I finally left officially at 14.

    There are beautiful rituals in the Catholic church. But EVERYTHING IS A SIN. Even what you think about or want to do.

    Some big time church official said, “If you want to be a Catholic, be a true Catholic. It’s not a smorgasbord where you choose from some dishes and reject others.”

    He’s right. I didn’t like the fact that Catholicism didn’t think that women were the equals of men. I found it rather anti-gay as well. Plus I’ll be god damned if I’ll feel guilty about ANY sex that I have.

    I’m pretty discerning when it comes to sex. I only sleep with people that I’m fond of and really attracted to – in romantic relationships. I don’t do the hookup thing unless it’s with an ex.

    So there was no bloody way that I was going to feel bad about indulging in stuff that means the world to me.


    No f’ing guilt for me, thank you very much. I’m allergic.

    Occasionally I will go to mass with my dad. Like around the Christmas holidays. But ultimately if I were a churchgoer (or dug that kind of thing) I would state for the record that I was Anglican.

    It’s very very similar to Catholicism. Only a lot more liberal.

    I’m actually quite spirtual and it is very important to me.

    But I’m no bible thumper.

    Am I tight…? Naw, not me.

    I want to enjoy my life while I’m here. As long as no one gets hurt, I’m good with that.

    Some of those church signs are pretty damn funny, glim. These two are my favourites:

    Staying in bed, shouting, “Oh, God!!!” does not constitute going to church.

    If you think it’s hot here, imagine hell.

    Hardy hardy har….

    Ah, the SEVERINA VUCKOVIC tape. Didn’t do anything for me, glim. Those real life tapes aren’t interesting to me.

    AT ALL.

    But the thing with the champagne was kind of stimulating…

  13. she replies. *thanks* πŸ™‚

  14. Well…DUH, baby.

    I happen to be here right now, glimster.

    Just for you…

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