I’ve adored FAYE DUNAWAY forever. For a female film star, she’s in a class all her own.

She’s acres of beautiful. But despite her obvious femininity, there was always an air of aristocratic intelligence and an uncommon strength about her.

This was not a woman who could be toyed with or led down the garden path. Mess with her at your own peril.

Nobody wore clothes better. FAYE became a fashion icon in the 60s. She has always been associated with the old school type of Hollywood glamour.

I always worshipped her for PUZZLE OF A DOWNFALL CHILD and NETWORK.

But the strongest influence she ever had on me was her performance as the wild untamed BONNIE PARKER in BONNIE & CLYDE.

I first viewed that at the age of ten.

In the opening scene you find her in her room, getting ready to go to work. She paces that small space like a caged tiger in heat. She’s bored out of her mind – waiting for something, anything to happen…

Then she spots WARREN BEATTY (as CLYDE) trying to steal her mother’s automobile.

“Hey, boy!” she yells down, cooing in her mellifluous Texas accent. “What are you doing with my mama’s car?”

She can feel it in every fibre of her body. This is what she’s been looking for her entire life. She throws on a dress in her unstoppable eagerness.

“Wait there!”

And so it begins…

I have always felt a great kinship with this wondrous movie goddess. She’s the epitome of cool – in every possible sense of that word.

Have to watch those blonde green eyed Irish girls.

Believe me.

Today is her birthday.

I dedicate my GLAMOROUS EXCESS fashion column (featured over at BRITANNICA BLOG) to the utterly fabulous FAYE DUNAWAY.

To find it, please go here

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