Oh God, I love shoes…

BRUNO FRISONI makes the most incredible footwear. They’re like blissfully extravagant works of art. No wonder he’s become wildly popular with the HOLLYWOOD crowd and relentlessly chic European film stars.

Mr. Frisoni is responsible for the most exquisite fanciful designs. He creates the absolute best: beautiful, luxurious, expensive…

His shoes are decadently seductive.

BRUNO is my kind of man – and today’s GLAMOROUS EXCESS fashion column (featured over at BRITANNICA BLOG) is entirely about him.

To take a look, please go here

8 Responses to “THE COLUMN SPOTLIGHT…04/02/09”

  1. i liked the interview with bruno you linked to on your fashion page !!!! šŸ™‚

  2. Why, thank you, my angel.

    But you really don’t care for fashion – what with your fabulous wardrobe of computer lounging clothes and all.

    Just out of curiosity, glim, what did you like about the interview…?

  3. i liked comments like this…

    yes, but you know, you don’t have to wear high heels because you have the right proportions.

    If you don’t feel it, you don’t have to do it.

    wow. pretty cool. he’s not trying to push product or the industry whatever and he gave his honest take on that.

    nice…and couple of tidbits in his answers were some things the fashion ultra novice (me) would never think of/notice

    a cool interview. i think bruno probably has a uh very colourful personality….

  4. Thoroughly fascinating, my precious glim.

    I just had to ask. You seem so staunchly antifashion (ever since I’ve known you) that I just had to find out for myself. BRUNO did not seem like the kind of dude that I felt you would relate strongly to.

    AT ALL.

    Yeah, he does seem refreshingly straight forward.

    Some interviewers in various articles were bitching and moaning about some of his footwear, which is ENORMOUSLY expensive – $14,000 shoes, $20,000 boots etc.

    So he basically told them, “This is what I am charging. If you don’t want to pay that much, you can buy something else.”

    Well, exactly. Don’t complain about it. If you think it’s excessive, you can always find an alternative.

    He’s got a strong personality, I think. Doesn’t suffer fools.

    That’s my kind of guy.

    I’m happy you liked the interview, glim.

    Surprised. But very happy….

  5. m., here you go.

    i’m interested in other people’s obsessions. (guess that’s to make up for the lack of mine…)

    i really like your fashion page/insights. i do admit that i often just glance/gloss over your posts that are mostly what was worn on the red carpet.

    so no. i don’t get fashion.

    and m., if people think the price of some of the fashion stuff is insane you should look at the higher end of the audiophile stuff.

    yes $10,000 for a pair of speaker cables for the wind. hell ya… ha ha..

    this almost at random. but here. translation not trying to find the most expensive thing ok there.

    but here..

    all you may want to know is go to the end of the article with the spec.

    and you’ll see what’s what… uh yeah…$23,000 plus.

    and this is just a pre-amp. meaning that you need an amp or mono blocks. (one amp for each channel.)

    but the funny thing is some of this has being aimed at the audiophiles that listen at the computer too.

    i’m sure you know what a usb cable is. well look at price of some of these…

    this is the only segment that may interest you…

    While this musical discombobulation was going on I was corresponding with ye olde PFO editor Dave Clark and reporting my results. Dave said, “Hey Jeff, I’ve got a couple of different high-performance USB cables you can try if you’d like. Maybe one of them will do the trick.” I took Dave up on his offer and he lent me three USB cables to try in place of my generic USB cables: the Locus Design Group Axis ($549 USD for 6ft) and Polestar ($249 for 6ft), and the CryoParts Custom Cable ($69.95 for 6ft).

    yep $549 for a usb cable. hey the price of shoes doesn’t sound too bad, now does it???

    and this speaker is surely better than having sex. not that i’m gonna have either. ha ha…

    wow that’s tall. uh. ha ha…

    not that i can afford any of this but i used to get up with it a bit. and don’t ask me one the big things leading to my not now not really giving a damn to even read about it. just another *sob* story really.

  6. Don’t be sad, my sweet, lovely, precious lil glim…

    *big hug*

    It’s OK.

    No, my music means a LOT to me. I used to be an audiophile and I did pay big bucks to get top of the line stuff. But now that everything’s computer based I don’t really care any more.

    I have decent speakers for my computer. I have a fabulous boom box and another awesome stereo downstairs. But it doesn’t make sense to spend an INSANE amount of money on things like that now.

    The technology’s changing too fast. It’s just not worth it.

    I’m glad you enjoy some of the fashion stuff even if you don’t get it. It makes my day.

    Maybe I’m a good influence on you. My mama used to say I was a bad influence on boys. Not in your case, I guess.


    At the risk of giving offense, I must say something in response to one of your remarks.

    Or I’ll scream.

    and this speaker is surely better than having sex.

    Well, I’ve heard it all in my time. Seen it all.


    I always hear people say (yeah, TONS OF MEN, TOO – I’ve been platonic friends with lots of guys) that sex is overrated or they don’t care or it’s no big deal or it’s a bother or just something that they’re not into.

    I will concede that sex (or various kinds of affection) is something that some people won’t ever develop a craving for. I respect that. Everyone is different.

    Some people really NEED to be kissed and touched and caressed. Some people really HAVE to get laid on a regular basis.

    Then there are some men and women that desperately desire both.


    So when people tell me that they think sex is something that they can live without, with the majority I’m tempted to say, “You’ve never really had it done right then.”

    I’ve been fortunate. I have been with some men and I know what true passion is.

    So there is no way on God’s green earth that any speaker is ever going to come close to that.

    Not in this world, baby.

    That’s all I’m going to say. Lights out…

  7. and as always thanks for the reply ms m. !!!!!! šŸ™‚

  8. glimster, you know I LOVE having you here.

    It is my unequalled and magnificent pleasure to reply to you, sweetheart.


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