So many great memories.

Over the years, there have been many incidents that were hysterically funny or have made me deliriously happy. Things that I’ve never been able to forget.

This slideshow from EW showcases 15 of them.

Some I have seen many years after the fact. I wasn’t born when BARBRA STREISAND tied with KATHARINE HEPBURN in that savage dead heat in 1969. Finally saw it on YouTube a couple of years ago.

Wasn’t here for the streaker in 1974 either. But I have witnessed that.

Many times over…

CUBA GOODING JR.’s victory (1997) – as well as ROBERTO BENIGNI’S (1999) – were tremendously entertaining at the time. But they both seem rather baffling in retrospect.

Though neither was my first choice, HALLE BERRY’S (2002) and JENNIFER HUDSON’S (2007) respective ascensions to the podium were fantastic. They both gave riveting emotional performances and I am thrilled that the ACADEMY chose them.

The ones that truly rocked my world were these two…

I was rooting for ADRIEN BRODY from the time that I saw him in THE PIANIST.

I’ll be honest. I thought that JACK NICHOLSON (ABOUT SCHMIDT) and DANIEL DAY LEWIS (GANGS OF NEW YORK) were extraordinary. But ADRIEN was just magnificent.

If DDL didn’t all ready have an OSCAR, I may have sided with him. HE WAS A POWERHOUSE. When I saw GANGS, I held my breath every time he was on screen. He was terrifying.

But ADRIEN was elegantly subtle, poignant, melancholy, heartbreaking…

That’s very difficult to do well. Some scenes he had hardly any dialogue. He goes from this bon vivant charismatic ladies man to this deeply wounded shell of a human being who can not even play his own piano for fear of being arrested…and his music meant everything to him.

When he won, I was thrilled to bits. It was surely one of the most deserving victories I have EVER seen and that liplock and dip with HALLE BERRY was something else.

And that speech…

This is one of the reasons why I watch. That was so monumentally cool it made up for a lot of the disasters that I have come across over time.

JULIA ROBERTS’ victory was another milestone. People always talked about her hair, her megawatt smile and her charisma. But JULIA (despite her three OSCAR nods) is rather underrated as an actor.

I thought she would probably win BEST ACTRESS when I first saw ERIN BROCKOVICH. It was about time. Since then she’s given an even better performance in CLOSER and wasn’t even nominated.

Oh, well. Those are the breaks…

But it filled me with great joy to see my girl up on stage.

FINALLY. Right where she belonged.

Her vintage VALENTINO was the bomb. She looked precisely like what she was: a Hollywood queen whose time had finally come.

Now that was an awesome night…

To hit the gallery, please go here

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