So this is my definitive statement as we roll into the home stretch. Just before the ACADEMY AWARDS are held this Sunday.

I have made predictions on occasion. I’m actually really good at it. But unless I’m prognosticating with a group of fun people I’d just as soon forget about it.

No tilting at windmills for moi.

I’m always so passionate about my selections that I care much more about who should win (in my estimation) than who will win.

Here’s how it all shakes out for me.

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: I’d vote for HEATH LEDGER. He absolutely deserves it. I will be thrilled to hear his name called out on Sunday.

BEST ACTOR: I’m solidly behind SEAN PENN.


There is no substitute.

Oh yeah…

BEST PICTURE: Anything but SLUMDOG. But I know that’s not going to happen. MILK would be my selection. But that ship never got out of the harbour.

There’s nothing left to do now but prepare for the big show. Yeah, I know that many of the people and films I want to win haven’t got a prayer this year.

But, until that envelope is opened, you just never know…


  1. anyway m, i’m going for anne hathaway for best actress.

    not that i was so wowed by rachel getting married. but she plays such a messed up person/failure in that film i guess i have to root for her. plus she had sex with that guy pretty much just after she met him at the rehab thing. and i guess i’ve to root for that too. 🙂

    *ha ha ha*. 🙂

    but really looking at the list. it’s more these are the choices i get??? guess i’ll root for the loser of the bunch. sorry everyone. the films actors are repping in this category that i’ve seen are frozen river and rachel.

    anyway m. further proof that houston is hathaway town.

    last night/yes last night when i went to see wendy & lucy. when i was at the point where they take your ticket/give you the stub at the angelika, i asked the newish to me (don’t even know her name and this the only the third time or so i’ve seen her – and the first time i had slight bit of words with her) to guess which movie i was going to see.

    of course she said rachel getting married.

    because since i’m a guy and live in houston it’s pretty safe to say/think i want to see anne hathaway.

    just last night at the angelika (no i’m not making this up) a guy came out the screening of THE INTERNATIONAL saying how much it sucked and asked which room was showing …rachel getting married. i’m not joking.

    ok you’re much better than me at this stuff. and *much* better than most !!! 🙂

    that’s houston. and you stop crying ms m. you’ve got to be strong.

  2. glim, my sweet, lovely, adorable, winsome, fabulous, creative, unique, incredibly awesome little southerner…

    THE INTERNATIONAL is so cool. RACHEL GETTING MARRIED is a lump of crap in hell…

    Yes, our fabulous k is with us on the IN BRUGES train. She has been from the start.

    And I never cry over anything, glim. For an ultrafeminine, fashionable, flirtatious girl that wears her overwhelming sensuality on her sleeve, I’m a tough, hard, take no prisoners babe.

    Crying’s for sissies.

    Shoot first. Ask questions later…

  3. m., one of the things that would have uh interested me was if guys/Anne Hathaway’s fans would have liked a bit of awkardness she showed early in the PRADA movie as an appealing/ok trait. but it seems as usual people drool over anne.

    not as appealing to me to read/here. ha ha..(or maybe awkardness is only ok if people think you’re hot. ok i joke but you know what i mean…)

    and i’m gonna keep it clean for the kids.
    but let’s re mention anne got alot of attention for her FUCK THE PAIN AWAY by peaches being her favorite song quote.

    ah the internet… 😉

    ha ha…

    and plot twist…

    i’m putting it on the map. *look* see # 22. 🙂

  4. Yeah, the FUCK THE PAIN AWAY deal…

    I think Anne may have been trying to accumulate serious street cred because her wholesome image limits her choices.

    Actually, I hated PRADA. PERIOD. The only things that I remotely liked about it were MERYL and STANLEY.

    Ha ha. I bet RYAN and SASHA love you over at AD, glim sweetie.

    Personally, I don’t like awkward. But I do dig shy. As long as it’s NOT an act. If someone shy’s then he’s probably not spreading himself around the entire continent – which is always a good sign. It is rather charming as well.

    I hate macho types. Turns me right off…

    Hey, “You’ve got to give em hope,” is a pretty decent line. If someone said that to me I might laugh. If he was hot enough and seemed sincere, it’s possible that I may let him buy me a drink.

    He wouldn’t necessarily get my phone number on the first meeting though.

    Of course this is all entirely hypothetical.

    My dance card is currently filled right up….

  5. uh, m.

    you did notice that the hope i was impling in that comment was that whomever would use the i party like a fireman line and have a ‘chance’ (or at least be able to talk to whomever for couple of minutes)

    yes m. i’m pure evil. 😉

    i got 10 little nails to keep digging back in/i wish there was a whole continent i could corrupt with sin.

    yes m. i’m very shy/awkward now all i need is a continent. ha ha. yeah. 🙂

    and m. did i tell you before of my phobia/dislike/fright of phones. i hate them. really. i’m being very serious.

    phones being everywhere/part of everything now and utter discomfort with them is further proof of uh why i’m so behind in every way.


    yeah i dislike phones/getting my pic taken etc.
    just want to avoid those things. always.

    i also don’t know what the point is of either.(for social reasons.)

    and you’ll surely laugh when you see this photograph/it’s just a boy totally dressed in computer louging clothes

    *ha ha ha ha ha ha ha*

    geek the pain away. 😉

  6. Honey bear, you should REALLY talk to someone about that stuff. I mean it. But you never listen to me.

    You won’t get girls if you can’t talk on the phone. You HAVE to be able to do that. Easily and comfortably.

    You have to be able to communicate effectively in the world if you want to be get anywhere and be successful – girls, work, whatever.

    You’ve got to do something about that, glim. I think you should talk to somebody and find out why.

    You’d better listen to me, baby.

    You’re such a wonderful caring guy and you have a truly fabulous sense of humour.

    Do you really want to deny the perfect girl ALL OF THAT???

    Will you at least consider what I say? Please…?

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