Actress Viola Davis arrives at the 81st Annual Academy Awards he

And done…

So here’s my list of beautiful people resplendent in their awesome finery…



  1. really??? and the guys dress pretty mudh like that for every awards thing ??? it’s just a blur. i think they care less about fashion than i do. maybe my ultra novice eye is missing something and i didn’t watch the awards/but the very slight differences are beyond minor ??? i mean switch whatever outfit with another guy in pic collection and would it really matter register ???

    i don’t know m. what would you suggest guys wear to events like this ???

    and has one guy worn anything worth remembering horrible or good the entire award season ????

    females’ next movie award season should dress as blandly as the guys. nope i’m not kidding.

    let’s level the playing field. πŸ™‚

    p.s. seriously m. if you picked any random guys for best dressed for these years ocsars/would a novice like me notice the difference ?? nope.

    i look around and all i see/ is waves and waves of mediocrity

    m. why even bother listing ‘the guys’/ in these best dressed posts ????

    and i’m writing this post wearing computer lounging clothes and i don’t want one bit those of guys ‘glamour’ because they’re not showing any.

    ha ha…

  2. OK. First things first, my lil southern firecracker…

    You aren’t really a fashion novice any more, are you…? In all the time you’ve been coming to CP, you’ve learned quite a bit from me, I think – whether you actually agree with me or not.

    Ha ha. Right?

    Here’s the thing, my darling little man…

    Women have far more choices at their disposal. They can wear virtually any colour of the rainbow – as long as it looks flattering on them.

    Men can’t really do that. Well, technically they can, of course. But most of them are pretty reluctant. Men, in my experience, love different shades of blue and the neutrals (white, cream, black, brown, gray). You find a few dudes here and there that have an affinity for red and/or green and will wear them without hesitation.

    Not together though, one would hope. The Christmas tree look is not something that either sex should aspire to.

    This is a VERY tricky subject. Not only do I not want to offend anyone (AT ALL) but I don’t believe in stereotyping, said the intellectually powered blonde. Hah.

    So here we go…

    SOME gay men (certainly not all, though) have incredible taste. They dress beautifully and they always seem to know how to make a fantastic impression without going overboard. Whereas SOME straight guys (but not all – by a LONG SHOT) are COMPLETELY CLUELESS.

    The other thing is: a ton of straight men don’t like shopping. Even if they’re fashion forward and they love clothes. They want to find what they want in a few minutes’ max, get in and get the hell out. It can be really difficult to find great stuff if you don’t enjoy shopping.

    I know chicks that think shopping is a perfect hell. But most women LOVE it…and that’s one of the reasons why our wardrobes are so great. Women are largely attuned to possibilities. A lot of us like getting in there, trying things on, attempting to see if something really is as beautiful as what we thought…

    If it lives up to our respective imaginations and we get to take it home, that’s a powerful thrill. If you have something that makes you look as gorgeous as you want to feel and you know that EVERYONE in the room will turn their heads as you walk by…

    That’s an enormously seductive feeling.

    But we not only have the entire colour palette at our disposal, but WE CAN WEAR WHATEVER WE LIKE. There are endless variations of things: coats, suits, gowns of every description. At most formal events like the OSCARS very few women wear pants. But we could if we wanted to.

    Guys don’t have that advantage. They’re VERY limited in what they can wear. There’s a tuxedo and there’s a suit…and there aren’t too many variations that won’t make a man look totally ridiculous.

    glim, have you ever seen movies either from the 70s OR that were set in that time period? Have you ever seen those powder blue tuxes?


    So the way it shakes out is this: most men have the sense that they can’t go very far without looking like COMPLETE idiots. They have MUCH LESS leeway than women.

    So I hate to tell you, glim. But this is the real thing. There are slight trends from season to season in terms of formal mens’ wear. But they’re so slight that they may not be discernable to many people.

    If a man goes to an event and doesn’t look like a goof, he’s doing well. It’s an oversimplification. For sure. But if he doesn’t take enormous risks, that’s probably good. The parameters aren’t huge and all encompassing. Men don’t have the options that women have. There just isn’t the same amount of freedom involved.

    Tuxedo. Suit…and THAT’S IT. That’s all she wrote, baby.

    I saw FRANK LANGELLA being interviewed just before the ceremony. He was VERY BEAUTIFUL when he was younger…and he is still enormously attractive. Very, very classy. What you would call a true gentleman. They asked him what he was going to wear and he said, “Black and white. That combination always looks elegant.”

    He’s right. He also looked magnificent with his daughter on the red carpet. Mr. Langella has great style. It was a wicked shame that I couldn’t find any full length photos so that people could get a good gander at what he wore. But that’s the way the ball bounces.

    So, yeah. I don’t have a problem with it. Better that the dudes look smooth and chic like Mr. Langella than wear polka dotted pedal pushers or shiny suits with cowboy hats. Or something…

    Look, I’ll make you a deal, my devoted fashion follower. If you ever go to a formal event, I’ll pick out your clothes for you and the chicks will swoon.

    No computer lounging threads. I have big plans for you, my darling.

    Just you wait and see…

  3. ok a full length pic of Frank at the nominees luncheon.

    glim, have you ever seen movies either from the 70s OR that were set in that time period? Have you ever seen those powder blue tuxes?

    hmm no i haven’t. oops… πŸ˜‰

    anyway i’d rather a few guys risk not blending in 300%. why not some females take this risk ??? yeah i would have liked to see a guy’s face/style plastered all over the net and being open for criticism or wow just like a female. i mean just a few would be cool.

    but we always get zero. yeah…

    there needs to be a designer line of computer lounging clothes and then it would be cool.

    so cool. ha ha

    as always thanks for your wealth of words/info !!! πŸ™‚

  4. My sweet, adorable, treasured friend glim, I thought I explained this to you in detail.

    Plus I think that, as women, we’re used to taking risks style wise if we think it is appropriate. Most men aren’t comfortable enough with fashion in the first place to take the big leap. If they make a big boo boo, I’m sure they’re afraid that they’ll never live it down.

    I dunno. Why don’t you design a line of computer lounging clothes, pal? Then you’ll be rich and famous. You’ll have chicks falling all over you. Dying to be with you…and then maybe male celebrities will start wearing them to awards shows and you can begin a whole new trend.

    Remember, I gave you the idea. So I want a finder’s fee. Like…a substantial one. Hardy har har…

    Thank you so very much for the FRANK LANGELLA pics. You are a southern angel.

    It is always my supreme pleasure to chat with you here or in private.

    Don’t ever forget that, honey…

  5. Yeah, I don’t think of myself as a fan of KATE’S. Even now.

    I may not ever be. But why do you adore the people that you do? I think the majority of individuals aren’t exactly sure why we’re drawn to various kinds of people.

    I mean, HELL. Sometimes it’s REAL obvious in terms of men. At least for me. Ha ha.

    For the rest of it, I tend to like (as opposed to simply being physically attracted to) people that are passionate, outspoken and that have actual integrity. I don’t ever idolize individuals that I can perceive are NOT good people.

    All of this is JMO obviously…

    For me this year, it was dead simple. DOUBT was not a milestone MERYL STREEP performance and I never really believed that it was going to lead her to the winners’ circle. She will have her third OSCAR (and possibly even more…) but I knew it wasn’t going to be for that.

    MELISSA LEO and ANGELINA JOLIE did some exceptional work. Just incredible. There were also some other women (SALLY HAWKINS, KRISTIN SCOTT THOMAS) who were fantastic.


    KATE has given jaw dropping performances for some time now. She’s a long, LONG way from the girl that did TITANIC.

    I gave her my BEST ACTRESS award because she had two flat out brilliant career topping performances…and that simply can not be ignored.

    There have been other years where a woman did thoroughly awesome acting in two films and the ACADEMY simply had no choice but to honour her for one: JULIE CHRISTIE in 1965 (DARLING/DOCTOR ZHIVAGO) and DIANE KEATON in 1977 (ANNIE HALL/LOOKING FOR MR. GOODBAR).

    So I’m ecstatic that this all shook out the way it did, k. Doesn’t matter that I’m technically not a fan. KATE is unbelievably talented, great looking, sexy….She’s worked very hard and she absolutely deserved it.

    It was her time and I’m thrilled to bits that the ACADEMY decided to honour her.

    I knew you liked MILK. But I didn’t know you were rooting for SEAN. That’s very cool.

    I just saw MILK again last Friday night. Guess I’ll likely be going again this weekend. I am so very proud of him.


    A lousy show. But a fantastic evening…

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