I”ve worshipped AVA GARDNER my entire life.

We could have been twins in terms of our fiery temperaments. She and I were born CHRISTMAS week many decades apart.

Both hot blooded, fiercely independent, tough talking green eyed Irish girls that take no prisoners. Certainly generous and decent to the people we care about. But neither of us ever suffered any fools.

Despite all of that, AVA wasn’t technically my favourite female actor. She was barely edged out (just by a whisker) by the gloriously gorgeous ELIZABETH TAYLOR.

ELIZABETH and I aren’t nearly as much alike. Our tastes in men are quite different…and I have yet to be a serial bride.

There’s plenty of time for that. Once I take the plunge, I doubt that I’ll stop at one. We’ll just see how that shakes out.

All the way around…

But there are some similarities that are quite startling.

ELIZABETH is an enormously passionate woman that wears her overwhelming sensuality on her sleeve. She’s weathered great highs and lows over the years. Ms. Taylor is the ultimate survivor.

She lived her life exactly as she wanted to with absolutely no regard for the consequences. ELIZABETH didn’t have the slightest interest in conforming or in what other people thought of her. It was her existence…and she was determined to do it her way.

She adores animals and has a great deal of sensitivity for others’ concerns. ELIZABETH possesses a grand love of fashion along with an impressive jewelry collection.

(Ah, men. They’re good for something besides the obvious, right…? Hee hee.)

There’s the irrepressible wit. And of course there’s that wicked temper. She does have an Irish grandmother, after all.

Today is her birthday. In celebration of this fabulous Hollywood legend, I dedicate my GLAMOROUS EXCESS fashion column (featured over at BRITANNICA BLOG) to the violet eyed goddess ELIZABETH TAYLOR.

To take a look, please go here

As a special treat, here is one of my favourite scenes from the classic CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF…

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