SEAN PENN, how do I adore you…?

Let me count the ways…

This tenderhearted tough guy (with the awesome azure eyes) was always one of the most brilliant, accomplished character actors the world has ever witnessed. He grew into a passionately sincere humanitarian and a fabulous director.

He still has that hot ultramasculine wild streak in him.

I think he’s perfect. If I ever meet him, I will tell him so. Without a moment’s hesitation.


MARK BINELLI of ROLLING STONE did an in depth interview with SEAN that is a crackling good read. He doesn’t often talk to the press any more unless it’s about one of the many social causes that he undertakes.

He really doesn’t have to. Especially now that he’s *ahem* a two time ACADEMY AWARD winner.

I’ll just throw out some quotes.

Not too many. Hopefully this will get read. But some of it is just too delicious to gloss over.

Here’s what he had to say about integrity (or the lack thereof) in his profession…

“You see wonderfully talented actors everywhere, which almost makes it sadder. It’s not about what kind of movies they make. I don’t care if they make love stories – there are great love stories. Just let me know you mean it. I want to know you’re writing the Great American Novel every time.”

“Fail all you want. But fucking try.”

He loved working with CLINT and WOODY.

He was greatly amused at WOODY’S reaction to his attempts at finding the right tone for his character: ‘You know what was wrong with that take, Sean? EVERYTHING.”’

He was also extremely choked (as I was) that the ACADEMY almost completely snubbed INTO THE WILD last year.

My boy SEAN. I think I’ll keep him…


For the interview, please go here

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