It seems like I’ve adored JULIA ROBERTS my entire life.

She’s been the biggest female star on the planet for nearly two decades, which is about ten years before I became an intense full blown cinema aficionado. In my opinion, she deserves all of the credit she gets…and then some.

Though she’s beautiful, talented, immensely popular and possessed of white hot charisma, JULIA has always seemed very normal and down to earth. The fact that people can relate to her so easily is likely one of the main reasons she has endured.

She’s reuniting with her CLOSER costar CLIVE OWEN in the romantic spy thriller DUPLICITY. It opens today across North America.

So this seems the perfect time to devote some words to the goddess JULIA.

Topic of discussion this time around? Her hair.

Out of all the major female film personalities that are currently working today, I can’t think of another woman who has been more experimental with that particular portion of her appearance.

JULIA has the most fabulous mane in all creation. It’s been every shade of brown, blonde and red imaginable. It’s been short, long, curly, wavy, poker straight, layered…

The possibilities are endless – and she’s explored them all.

Last fall, at her daughter HAZEL’S suggestion, JULIA put pink streaks in her long, tousled brown locks. They’re quite subtle and they look surprisingly flattering. Though she’s currently more of a blonde now, JULIA tried this look again several days ago at the Los Angeles premiere of her new film.

I was never one to consider JULIA avant garde. But it really does suit her. It’s fanciful and fun without a hint of ridiculousness.

To see my GLAMOROUS EXCESS column on JULIA ROBERTS (featured over at BRITANNICA BLOG), please go here

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