ROBIN WRIGHT is a fascinating woman.

Even when I don’t care for a movie that she appears in, I always like her work. She’s honest and true and she puts herself out there. She’s fearless, does it all without a net and makes it look alarmingly easy.

(If you’ve ever done any acting, you know that it’s not…)

It also doesn’t hurt that she’s stunningly gorgeous in a way that approximates the glamour of old Hollywood.

She’s rather an enigma. Ms. Wright doesn’t talk to the press very often. People that you know little about often acquire a mystique that makes them even more intriguing.

To my amazement, I found an intimate portrait of ROBIN WRIGHT in INTERVIEW magazine. Guess who had the privilege of speaking with her? None other than FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA.

One of my all time favourite directors is engaged in the art of conversation with an actor I’ve long admired? That’s impressive.

In the course of this discussion, Ms. Wright talks about working with ANTHONY MINGHELLA, JUDE LAW, RUSSELL CROWE and REBECCA MILLER.

Here’s a little taste to get you through the night…

FRANCIS: It’s funny, because years ago, when we had Zoetrope up here in San Francisco and we were totally running out of money, my then young colleague George Lucas was saying, ‘You’ve got to get a job, Francis. They’re going to put a chain on the door . . .’

And so I did The Godfather, which was big. It was an industry picture. I don’t even know why they wanted me to do it. But, ironically, that is a film I did only because I had kids and no money and I wanted to survive…and it some how turned out to be artistically well considered.

ROBIN: Ya think, Francis?

I love it…

To get access to this spectactacular interview, please go here


  1. She’s rather an enigma. Ms. Wright doesn’t talk to the press very often. People that you know little about often acquire a mystique that makes them even more intriguing.

    i think i prefer not to know much about an actor. (i really don’t care.) why do so many want to know everything???

    and as far the break up. well, these things seem to also happen when a big professional success happens ????

  2. Hmmmm…

    All right, glim. I’ll just touch on a couple of things.

    I think it’s natural for people to be interested – to a degree – in someone that they admire. If it’s a romantic thing like a crush, then it’s generally somewhat sexual. They probably imagine what it would be like to sleep with that person and have them for a boyfriend/girlfriend.

    If it isn’t a thing with a swooning boy/girl base, there’s still bound to be a certain amount of intense curiosity. Even if it’s just an identification. The person will feel that the actor is like them or is the kind of individual that – depending on the star’s image – they’d like to be. So they’ll wonder where the celebrity buys her clothes or has her hair done. That kind of thing.

    To my mind, that’s pretty normal. If it goes over and above, then it can lead to unhealthy behaviour. Like stalking, for example.

    Yeah, having an interest in what your idol does/did is kind of a time honoured tradition.

    True, breakups often occur when someone gets a particular added boost in their career. When things are testy or fragile, any little extra added pressure can cause lots of difficulties. Some relationships just don’t survive.

    And I’d really like to give Ms. Wright and Mr. Penn their privacy. But I guess I should clarify just in case there’s anyone out there that doesn’t know. Apparently, in all the years they’ve been together, they have had a number of breaks from the relationship.

    This is the second tiime that they have officially separated.


    So I wish them every happiness and hope sincerely that they both find a way to be fulfilled.

    Together or not…

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