Very slow news day.

So I’ll dig this out.

I’m a real animal lover. So I have a series of photos that showcase celebrities and their dogs.

I wasn’t given any specifics about the poochies in question. So I’ll just go off the top of my head, as it were.

Included are: NAOMI WATTS with her Yorkie mix and Spaniel cross, NICOLLETTE SHERIDAN with her golden lab mix and FAMKE JANSSEN with her Boston Terrier.

For the whole damn thing, please go here

2 Responses to “THE FAMOUS & THEIR DOGS”

  1. glimmer Says:


    i’m not one for pets.

    hell, i can’t even take care of myself….

  2. Hey, I think you’re doing a damn fine job of looking after yourself, sugar.

    Don’t you like animals, glim…?

    The thing with pets is: their love is unconditional and pure. It’s the very antithesis of peoples’ – where you fight about stupid things. Have to get medieval with someone because they aren’t sufficiently caring, sensitive, affectionate, sexual, complimentary…

    Blah blah blah. Whatever…

    With animals, as long as you love them and look after them, they’re yours forever without any hassles. They return love and affection easily. That’s all they want.

    With people, it’s always so ridiculously complicated.

    I’m content now. But romances can possess a very big downside.

    It’s life, glim. There’s always something…

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