I know absolutely nothing about KATHERINE HEIGL…except for what I’ve seen and heard.

I don’t watch GA and I’ve never viewed any of her films.

Obviously she’s incredibly attractive. I assume that she must be at least somewhat talented. After all, she did win an EMMY.

But I like the way that she says exactly what’s on her mind. That’s a quality that I greatly admire.

And in a business where women are slowly but surely gaining the power that they should have had all along, I think Ms. Heigl should be commended for that. She’s got guts.

Here’s to great looking blondes that take no prisoners…

KATHERINE HEIGL plays a woman clueless in the ways of romance in her upcoming film THE UGLY TRUTH. But in real life, the actor considers herself fairly savvy on the subject.

“In my early 20s, I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted,” she told IN STYLE in its AUGUST issue.

“If you’re just getting to know yourself while you’re in a serious relationship – it’s like you’re trying on different personalities to see what fits. But there is that real you in there somewhere.”

KATHERINE said she found her authentic self when she met singer JOSH KELLEY, her husband of 18 months, on the set of his 2005 video ONLY YOU.

“I was fed up with trying to be somebody else and got really lucky and met a great guy who loved me for me.”

Her experiences have not only helped her learn what she wants in romance but also what she wants in a romantic comedy – and she feels that it isn’t always rated PG 13.

In a real relationship, KATHERINE remarked, “You’re probably going to drop the F bomb once in a while. You’re probably going to say some things that are kind of harsh and you’re definitely going to talk about sex.”

“It doesn’t have to be so Snow White and Prince Charming. That’s my problem with a lot of romantic comedies.”

It’s that sass and forthrightness that UGLY TRUTH costar GERARD BUTLER says made him fall madly in love with her after watching KNOCKED UP.

“This is the sexiest, smartest, sassiest, funniest actress out there. And suddenly you get told she wants you to read a script with her? I love this business!”


  1. glimmer Says:

    “This is the sexiest, smartest, sassiest, funniest actress out there. And suddenly you get told she wants you to read a script with her? I love this business!”

    he was in 300 and now he says this. bad gerard. bad gerard. oh well at least he’s on the payroll…

    i know nothing about ms. heigl except from the snippets i’ve read about her and the bits of KNOCKED UP i saw. i’ll stick with having no guy cred.


  2. Oh dear Lord. I feel a laughing fit coming on…

    So I take it you’re no fan of Ms. Heigl, glim?

    Well, she always speaks very well of you…

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