JAMES MANGOLD is attached to direct an adaptation of the memoir THREE LITTLE WORDS which is among the first projects to come from LIME ORCHARD PRODUCTIONS, the shingle recently launched by actor JAMI GERTZ.

CATHY KONRAD is onboard to produce THREE LITTLE WORDS, a 2008 memoir by ASHLEY RHODES COURTER about her traumatic childhood in foster care, through Ms. Konrad’s and Mr. Mangold’s TREE LINE FILM banner along with LIME ORCHARD.

JAMI GERTZ formed LIME ORCHARD last fall and hired ICM alum STACEY LUBLINER to serve as president.

Another project the company recently set up is a high school based comedy for the DISNEY Channel from screenwriter MELISSA GOULD.

JAMI GERTZ has so far funded LIME ORCHARD’S operations, including its CENTURY CITY office space, out of her own pocket. After more than 20 years as a performer, she’s focused on branching out as a producer rather than strictly looking for her own starring vehicles.

(The LIME ORCHARD moniker comes from the name of a LOS ANGELES street where she once lived.)

“For so long I’ve watched movies and TV shows and thought, ‘This character should be doing this and this movie didn’t work because that arc wasn’t working,’ and finally I decided to put my money where my mouth was and get creative,” Ms. Gertz commented.

JAMI, who’s now in the midst of a four episode run on HBO’S ENTOURAGE, most recently costarred in the 2002 – 2006 CBS sitcom Still Standing.

Ms. Gertz was introduced to Ms. Lubliner, a former ICM literary agent through a mutual friend, ICM’s TONI HOWARD – who is also JAMI’S agent.

Ms. Gertz knew she’d need a partner with dealmaking experience if the company was going to get serious about optioning books and commissioning scripts. She met with a number of people but clicked immediately with Ms. Lubliner.

“Jami has a broad vision for this company,” STACEY LUBLINER said. “We’re fortunate to be working with top notch people.”

JAMES MANGOLD and CATHY KONRAD brought Ms. Rhodes Courter’s memoir to JAMI shortly after the company hit the ground running. She and STACEY LUBLINER fell for the book and optioned the picture rights as one of their first bits of business.

“This is a real passion project for them,” JAMI remarked. “It’s a great way for me to learn how you get from A to B to Z on a film like this.”

Screenwriter CHAP TAYLOR is working on a script for a TV drama. LIME ORCHARD has also optioned the novel FUNNY BOYS by THE WAR OF THE ROSES author Warren Adler.

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