This October BARBRA STREISAND will auction more than 400 personal items to benefit her charity.

“What good does it do in storage?” the legendary entertainer queried.

“Let someone else enjoy it. These things, they’re not forever. We pass them on and reap the benefits for something important.”

A collector throughout her career, Ms. Streisand is selling costumes from her films, including a dress from FUNNY LADY and a robe from THE WAY WE WERE.

There’s a gold DIOR pantsuit she wore to the 1986 GRAMMYS, an old phonograph she bought when she was 18 and “one of the first pieces of furniture I ever bought – a dental cabinet. That’s hard to part with actually. I wish I had room for it. I don’t.”

Dozens of dresses and suits, books, designer furniture, paintings and vintage collectibles are also being auctioned.

Ms. Streisand decided to part with items from her Beverly Hills, Mailbu and New York homes because she’s “through with extra stuff.”

“The community is better served if I get rid of it and give all the proceeds to my foundation, which does really good work.”

She plans to donate all proceeds from the sale, scheduled for OCTOBER 17th and 18th at the BEVERLY HILTON HOTEL, to THE STREISAND FOUNDATION, which supports womens’, childrens’, environmental and political causes.

Highlights from the sale will be exhibited aboard the Queen Mary 2 during its trans Atlantic cruise this month and then in Ireland and New York before landing in Beverly Hills, where the auction will be conducted by JULIEN’S AUCTIONS.

Meanwhile, Ms. Streisand is working on an album for release in September and is preparing to act and direct in “a couple of movies on the horizon.” She’s also making a book about her new home.

Parting with old possessions makes it easier to focus on the future, she remarked.

“I’m a collector, so one collects and collects and collects. But now I have enough stuff and I want to concentrate on other things. So it’s a good time to clean the closets.”


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