Here are the highlights of the fall movie slate.

Release dates are subject to change and some films will play in limited release…


THE BOYS ARE BACK: CLIVE OWEN plays a widower who adopts a rowdy and permissive parenting style for his two sons.

BRIEF INTERVIEWS WITH HIDEOUS MEN: JOHN KRASINSKI directs and costars in the tale of a graduate student researching relationships while sorting through her own broken personal life.

BRIGHT STAR: JANE CAMPION dramatizes the doomed romance of poet JOHN KEATS (BEN WHISHAW) and his passionate neighbour FANNY BRAWNE (ABBIE CORNISH).

THE BURNING PLAIN: Charlize Theron plays a restaurant manager whose promiscuity stems from a dark past. Also stars KIM BASINGER.

CAPITALISM: A LOVE STORY: MICHAEL MOORE’S latest documentary takes on corporations and speculators that have made the love of money a central way of life.

COCO BEFORE CHANEL: Audrey Tautou stars in a film biography set in the early years of fashion designer GABRIELLE (COCO) CHANEL.

FAME: The 80s hit is updated with a new take on life at a high school for performing arts. With KELSEY GRAMMER and DEBBIE ALLEN.

THE INFORMANT: Matt Damon stars in STEVEN SODERBERGH’S darkly comic portrait of a deceptive executive who blew the whistle on corruption at Archer Daniels Midland.

LOVE HAPPENS: A florist (JENNIFER ANISTON) and a self help author (AARON ECKHART) make reluctant stabs at romance.


AMELIA: Hilary Swank plays legendary aviator AMELIA EARHART in Mira Nair’s biopic. With RICHARD GERE and Ewan McGregor.

AN EDUCATION: A British schoolgirl (CAREY MULLIGAN) jeopardizes her Oxford dreams when she takes up with an older man (Peter Sarsgaard).

NEW YORK I LOVE YOU: A variety of different directors contribute odes to the city in this collection of short films. With JULIE CHRISTIE, DREA DE MATTEO, ROBIN WRIGHT, JOHN HURT and ANDY GARCIA.

THE PRIVATE LIVES OF PIPPA LEE: ROBIN WRIGHT stars as a woman adjusting to life in her older husband’s retirement community. With ALAN ARKIN and KEANU REEVES.

A SERIOUS MAN: The Coen brothers tell the story of a college professor straining to do right amidst personal and professional adversity.

WHIP IT: Drew Barrymore directs and costars with ELLEN PAGE as a small town beauty queen turned roller derby force of nature.


THE BLIND SIDE: A true life drama chronicles MICHAEL OHER’S journey from homeless teen to #1 pick in this year’s NFL draft. With SANDRA BULLOCK.

BROKEN EMBRACES: Penelope Cruz and director PEDRO ALMODOVAR reunite for a drama about a blind screenwriter recalling how he lost the love of his life.

A CHRISTMAS CAROL: Jim Carrey does Scrooge and his three Christmas ghosts in Robert Zemeckis’ motion capture adaptation of the Dickens classic.

FANTASTIC MR. FOX: WES ANDERSON’S fox vs. farmers animated tale features the voices of MERYL STREEP, GEORGE CLOONEY and BILL MURRAY.

NINE: The musical adaptation of Fellini’s 8 1/2, about a filmmaker and his many women, stars DANIEL DAY LEWIS, SOPHIA LOREN, JUDI DENCH and NICOLE KIDMAN.

PIRATE RADIO: PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN and Bill Nighy lead a crew of rogue DJs blasting rebel rock to 60s ENGLAND.

PRECIOUS: An illiterate pregnant teen with a horrid home life takes fierce charge of her life in this Sundance top prize winner.

NEW MOON: KRISTEN STEWART and Robert Pattinson return in the schoolgirl vampire romance, this time with werewolves on the prowl.

WOMEN IN TROUBLE: An ensemble comedy traces a crazy day for 10 women, including a porn star, a massage therapist and a flight attendant. With CARLA GUGINO and Josh Brolin.


AVATAR: James Cameron’s 3D sci fi epic centres on humans placed inside alien skins to survive on a distant world. With SIGOURNEY WEAVER and Sam Worthington.

BROTHERS: A Marine (Tobey Maguire) comes home to his wife (Natalie Portman) to find his sibling (JAKE GYLLENHAAL) has displaced him. JIM SHERIDAN directs.

INVICTUS: MORGAN FREEMAN stars as Nelson Mandela in CLINT EASTWOOD’S saga of an underdog season for the South African rugby team. With Matt Damon.

IT’S COMPLICATED: MERYL STREEP is pursued by two very different suitors (STEVE MARTIN and Alec Baldwin) in Nancy Meyer’s latest romance.

UP IN THE AIR: GEORGE CLOONEY’S a corporate downsizing dilettante whose frequent flyer lifestyle becomes endangered. Jason Reitman directs.

THE WHITE RIBBON: Director Michael Haneke’s CANNES prize winner spins a sober tale of collective guilt in a German town besieged by dark deeds as the First World War approaches.

4 Responses to “THE 2009 FALL FILM SCHEDULE”

  1. since i’m naughty i guess i may have interest/or supposed to have an interest in AN EDUCATION and WOMEN IN TROUBLE.

    (did someone say a porn star…???)

    ha ha ha….

  2. Yes, you are naughty, little glimster.

    Very, very naughty.

    And all naughty boys need a spanking. Or two.

    Or three…

  3. hmm, sorry guess i’m gonna miss out on that too.

    don’t think i have enough family values cred to get a spanking. darn…

  4. Hell, who’d want family values cred anyway?

    Too bad about the spanking, glimster. I give really good ones.

    But this is what I keep telling you.

    You have no idea what you’re missing…

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