CHLOE ****


CHLOE (AMANDA SEYFRIED) is every man’s ultimate fantasy: cascading blonde hair, eyes like extravagant emeralds, a curvaceous physique and a beguiling, provocative manner.

She is about to become entangled in the decaying marriage of CATHERINE STEWART (JULIANNE MOORE) and her husband David.

The lives of all three people will never be the same.

Catherine is a competent successful obstetrician with an office in downtown Toronto. Her spouse is a university professor that works in New York. He lectures on subjects such as the sexual liaisons of Don Juan. David commutes regularly back and forth between the two cities.

They were deliriously happy once. When they met, he thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world. Their sex life was wild and exciting.

Now, after nearly 20 years, their union has become unbearably stale.

Catherine still loves her husband. But she doubts that he cares about her the way that he used to. Every second she can feel him slipping away. It is horribly upsetting to her.

David is extraordinarily preoccupied with his job. He’s distracted and restless. He flirts with any good looking woman he sees. The fact that Catherine is often right next to him when it happens doesn’t modify his train of thought at all.

It wounds her deeply. But she doesn’t know how to approach him or what to do.

His birthday is coming up. She feels that it would be a wonderful idea to throw him a party. Maybe that would break down the barriers between them.

At the last possible minute, David calls Catherine from the airport. He missed the plane and he won’t be able to make it. He’ll take a later flight and return home tomorrow.

As David makes his excuses to her, one of his female students is standing right beside him.

Catherine is furious, miserable, shaken to the core. But she says nothing to David about it. He comes back the following morning when she’s still in bed. He mumbles something to her about taking care of some work and then leaves the room.

Later on, David’s phone beeps and Catherine discovers that there’s a text that was left for him. There is also a picture of him with his pupil. The message reads Thanks for last night.

During an evening out, Catherine has dinner at a posh hotel with David, one of her colleagues and the fellow’s new girlfriend.

David begins teasing the attractive female server goodnaturedly. Catherine is extremely irritated. It’s not just her husband. Her workmate is a bit of a hound and far from discriminating. Even her teenage son is sneaking his paramour into their home for sleepovers against her protests.

Sex is all around her. But she is entirely alone. She feels isolated and adrift – as cold and icily removed as the snow covered streets of her home town.

Catherine has no one to turn to for comfort, affection or appreciation of her loveliness and femininity.

Things are becoming hostile at her table. The ladies room seems like a welcome refuge.

Within its private confines, she runs across Chloe. She is an escort having supper with a client. They end up commiserating with each other about men and the difficulties that come with being involved with them.

Chloe picks up a stunning antique silver hair ornament from off the floor. She says that she just found it and offers it to Catherine.

Catherine thanks her but declines. She returns to her seat. Memories of Chloe continue to linger in her mind.

But she can not forget her pain.

The fact that David is cheating on her is driving her into such a state that she is becoming obsessed. She can think of nothing else.

She arranges to meet Chloe for a drink. Catherine is determined to find out what’s going on with David.

This golden haired siren would tempt a geriatric monk.

She tells Chloe where to find him. She’s to bump into him at a coffee shop he frequents, make her presence known and then report back to her with the results.

At their first appointment, Chloe tells Catherine that David hardly noticed that she was there. He was polite. But he barely said two words to her.

Catherine spends the next day casually talking to David and reconnecting. Chloe’s initial response has given her some hope. She decides to tell Chloe that she doesn’t need her any more.

She was just being paranoid. David wasn’t actually being unfaithful.

But then Chloe informs her that it’s too late. She has all ready seen David again. They had something to eat and then went to a large public greenhouse that possesses some fairly inaccessible areas. Serious physical contact took place which didn’t lead to full blown sex at that particular time.

But it does eventually.

Catherine is devastated and brokenhearted. But, to her great surprise, she finds herself becoming addicted to Chloe’s flow of information concerning her intimate activities with her husband.

As terrible as the betrayal is, she can’t stop herself. She needs to know every minute detail. On some level that she doesn’t even want to admit, she finds all of this incredibly seductive.

And, as their intense discussions move her further away from David, they’re leading her closer and closer to Chloe.

This motion picture is a reimagining of ANNE FONTAINE’S French film NATHALIE.

There are many things that make this movie an absorbing and enthralling experience.

Chloe’s glamorously chic wardrobe is magnificent eye candy.

MYCHAEL DANNA’S rich evocative score sets the mood and draws you in masterfully.

ATOM EGOYAN’S virtuoso direction is enormously impressive. This could easily have been another ridiculous throw away thriller or shallow entertainment.

But it’s a complex film. There is plenty of substance and character development to go along with the suspense.

There’s no shortage of crackling tension. He’s also aware of how to create mesmerizing intrigue from the smallest gestures or bits of dialogue.

There are endless layers present. Far too many to categorize. The surface is only the beginning.

AMANDA SEYFRIED still has potential. She is strikingly gorgeous, so it makes sense that she was cast as this character. But acting is about more than simply looking the part.

Some of her line readings were rather flat. From scene to scene, she was not always completely believable.

But JULIANNE MOORE is magnificent beyond words.

There is no doubt that Ms. Moore is a fine actor. But here she has to emote forcefully and show precisely what Catherine is going through: self pity, rage, lust, melancholy, bitterness, sympathy, tenderness, grief…

It’s all perfectly modulated and majestically skillful. This is some of the best work she’s ever done.

CHLOE thoroughly illuminates the exquisite mysteriousness of our relationships, desires and needs and how we struggle endlessly with the eternal significance of enduring romance and sensuality.

It’s never easy. But it’s worth it in the end.

12 Responses to “CHLOE ****”

  1. CHLOE (AMANDA SEYFRIED) is every man’s ultimate fantasy: cascading blonde hair, eyes like extravagant emeralds, a curvaceous physique and a beguiling, provocative manner.

    uh no, ms. m. this is my ultimate fantasy. πŸ™‚

    Some of her line readings were rather flat. From scene to scene, she was not always completely believable.

    ok i haven’t seen this but id say this doesn’t matter as much if the amanda’s chracter was totally dead on acting wise as long as the couple was we’re supposed to care about were pretty good acting wise.

    maybe amanda’s acting had some big flaws and flaws that could stand out bigger to an actor. but the chloe character is a pro. and do you thing the flaws you found in amanda’s acting would brother her clients/ a pro’s clients???

    so whether this was lazy or notch below acting wise. maybe it was realistic of how certain pros in their 20’s come across????

    but more importantly magnepan speakers are often called maggies.

    so they really are the ultimate fantasy. πŸ™‚

  2. MYCHAEL DANNA’S rich evocative score sets the mood and draws you in masterfully.

    think he’s done lots of egoyan movies.

  3. Yes, you are correct, glimster. MYCHAEL DANNA has collaborated with ATOM EGOYAN previously. He does an excellent job with the music on this film.

    glim, I don’t want to trash AMANDA. I genuinely like her. But if I personally think the work’s not up to scratch, then I really have no choice. I could have avoided discussing her acting. But I think that people would really be curious as to her performance level in this.

    She was wonderful in MEAN GIRLS. But I haven’t seen her in anything else.

    She is great looking. However, I just didn’t buy her as a prostitute. I don’t think she’s that tall. But I certainly would have believed her as a bitchy model.

    But an escort is an entirely different woman with a wildly different outlook and personality.

    Hate to break it to you, honey. But pros have to be VERY good actors. Some of the performances they give would probably be award worthy.

    From what I’ve read and heard, it’s all about the fantasy.

    You don’t honestly think that any pro (male or female) is that overcome with passion when they’re with their clients, do you? It’s a job.

    Outside of the movies where all of that is glamourized, the entire situation is bloody disgusting. Just makes my skin crawl.

    But it’s a tragic reality. Unfortunate but true…

    Now, about those speakers. Very impressive.

    But are you kidding me? You don’t even have speakers for your PC.

    Are you giving me the straight goods, glim…?

  4. again, i don’t have pc speakers. but i do have magnepan speakers. just haven’t heard then in years.

    see why back in 1920 via the used market the intro set of maggies from the 80’s that back then had a list of like $500.

    well at some point post 2000, i was able to get this old/arcane/obsolete version of the maggies set for like $300.

    true story.

    gonna show an example

    but the maggies i got are older. so i paid less. so you can get an older intro level priced maggies used for price that lot entirely do a double take.

    but i haven’t heard my maggies in a long time/well, since my preamp broke and i never got the preamp fixed. and now i don’t really have the space for them (but despite what people say they can work well in enclosed spaces. but yes more space is better )

    but yeah my not hearing them in sooo long is out i guess. i stopped paying attention to audio stuff when i didn’t get that job at some audio store.

    and since whatever they call music now is of no interest to me. and i’m not too enthused to hear well whatever it is i used to listen to. guess i’m not too big on being nostalgic. not that i really have anything to be nostalgic about.

    guitary bands not counting. so everyone can be alternative without hearing anything different.

    yay ! 😦

    so with zero interest in music i guess it doesn’t matter if i don’t hear them. but i may have to get rid of them/or storage them forever.

    (i could have even less space to work with soon. )

    hell i think the shipping box got a bit wet. afraid of the check. yikes..

    the ones i have are more like five feet five inches and the width base isn’t as wowish and they look way more modern.

    so for the last while or whatever i listen to music via cd to headphone amp to headphones. or just from my portable cd. i have no ipod. nor do i want one.

    save that stuff for people with 20,000 songs they want to hear/lor ike.

    still not a bad deal for me. i got super old maggies for a price that’s really not worse than what people have paid for ipods/blu ray players. so yeah.

    but uh yeah i wish i could hear that five figure/big dollars maggies i linked to. but as bizare as this seems my chances of having sex are like 50 times better. ha ha. but in the reality the chance of either isn’t good at all.

    not at all.

    and yes i’d take those maggies over having sex.

    i’m pretty use to not having sex. so those maggies would be a better experience for this loser.

    but as Jenny remarks, “All that poetry and all those songs about something that lasts no time at all.”

    so yes give me the $12,000 plus speakers please. thank you.

    so yeah i did get maggies.

    now most people even in the height they’re interest in music (and i got the maggies waayyyy after my peak interest) wouldn’t have looked into anything similiar or vaguely audiophiliac (even if you can get old stuff cheap) because music for them is just something that plays in the background as they do hip stuff and they’re not real music fans. just very casual. no passion.

    well i wouldn’t have any passion for that stuff either.

    there you go.

    my getting maggies is stupid. but spending the same/or more on stuff video related is pretty approved by the general public.

    i think i relate to audio 5000 more than anything video related. so it makes sense i never have anything to listen too. see may god or whomever hates me.


  5. Some of her line readings were rather flat. From scene to scene, she was not always completely believable.

    Hate to break it to you, honey. But pros have to be VERY good actors. Some of the performances they give would probably be award worthy.

    hmm i wasn’t think of the hormonal stuff. just think that in a situation like that in a restaurant i don’t know if the pro having a flat tone is gonna be the ultimate turn off.

    but hey what do know…

    i need to see these performances. and when i wrote that your skin really did crawl… πŸ˜‰

    and never forget – play a pro and have a chance at an oscar nom. πŸ˜‰

  6. All righty, honey…

    Now I fully comprehend the whole business with the speakers. But I still think you should reignite the passion that you had for music.

    It might calm you. Make you feel better.

    I’m sure the sound that streams through $12,000 speakers is incredible. But if I had a choice between sex and fantastic audio equipment, I would NOT pick the latter.


    Yeah, women are often nominated when they portray prostitutes. That’s because those films are bleak. Actors can do some real serious emoting and lots of suffering.

    I don’t think that holds true for the men, though. RICHARD GERE never got nodded for AMERICAN GIGOLO. Just as well, I suppose.

    I loved the part where he beat the hell out of the guy that was following him and wrote his phone number on his forehead.

    But Beverly Hills and his beautiful Armani clothes…

    God, that was glorious.

  7. I’m sure the sound that streams through $12,000 speakers is incredible. But if I had a choice between sex and fantastic audio equipment, I would NOT pick the latter.


    uh ms. m, guess this way i’m here to say stuff like this. that no one else would. let the geek train roll. let this reply be your howl… πŸ˜‰

    no m. you need a very valid answer. or something. where the loser at ??? πŸ˜‰

    *GET* the speakers. keep them awhile/a couple of years whatever. then sell them. with the money from the resell get lesser/cheaper maggies. and then with the left over money you should be able to buy lots in the chloe/pro experience.

    *takes a bow*/ while m. recovers doing a standing eight out from my reply. πŸ˜‰

    sorry, m. but it’s geek fantastic and splitting and i’m purely evil. yeah. πŸ˜‰

    sorry i’m giving that valid reply status.
    sorry somehow… but not really.
    now i want you to get real close/so you can hear what i say/and then i’ll whisper in your ear and blow you away. πŸ˜‰

    on wait sorry it’s gonna be the next reply that blows you away.

    i’m on a roll today…

  8. Ha ha ha ha ha.

    God damn, you give me such a hard time lately, glimster. Are you aware that a wide variety of people will be reading this?

    If you’re fine with that, then dandy…

    Look, I really like to live well. I crave the finer things in life. I honestly do. So I make sure to pick up various beautiful things for myself now and then.

    I think that excellent speakers are as good an indulgence as anything else that you desire. It’s all about the experience, after all.

    But I’ve never had to pay for it. Oh, my sweet God in heaven. Are you kidding??? Men follow me around like puppy dogs. Thank Christ I’m discriminating. I haven’t got the time of day for most of them – which is fine.

    I think the world would implode otherwise.

    Plus I do have my future to consider. I do. As in really…

    What did you say? You’re going to whisper in my ear and then…

    Oh, I guess I must have heard you wrong.

    Never mind…

  9. Now I fully comprehend the whole business with the speakers. But I still think you should reignite the passion that you had for music.

    It might calm you. Make you feel better.

    something like this could reignite my interest in music and maybe i’d feel better too.


    this was from few years ago. of course i had zero interest in the band and i saw this very late. like i was almost the last person on the net to see it. πŸ˜‰

    guess i missed my chance. darn….

    and i somehow have to live through oscar season. i should ask your fav courtney love how am i supposed to live through this ????

    guess i’ll think of six foot maggies. πŸ˜‰

  10. Hell yeah.

    There’s nothing like banging someone off an internet board that will unequivocally give it away to any complete stranger that crosses their path.

    Shall I vomit now or later?

    God. That’s bad, glim. Just horrendous. In the worst possible way.

    Not even any flowers. Pathetic.

    Well, considering COURTNEY was never even nominated for the superb performance she gave in THE PEOPLE VS. LARRY FLYNT, I would probably assume she doesn’t like OSCAR season either.

    But there’s one good thing, glim. I don’t have to sit through AMELIA now.

    But that god damn thing I saw on Wednesday night…

    I almost got a savage migraine.

    I will be swift and merciless on Sunday. You heard it here first.

  11. i hope this doesn’t go under the giving you a hard time dept. but anyway…

    Hell yeah.

    There’s nothing like banging someone off an internet board that will unequivocally give it away to any complete stranger that crosses their path.

    ok you don’t approve. fine.

    but, hmm…

    i’m thinking the female that put those words up was in her 20s. i checked the immortal list the main slint cds release dates as 1989 and 1991. 1991 was the year they put out spiderland their only full length.

    to my knowledge. post whatever touring they did for spiderland they hadn’t did any gigs as a band until the few that happened around the time of the all tomorrows parties gig. they haven’t really done anything since the gigs they did in the re united thing circa then.

    you know i found the info i saved/linked. very funny. but i guess i also approve of it.

    hey guess that’s passionate fandom there…

    note : m. we don’t know if giving it up to strangers is something she does on a regular basis. or if she has a sexual history/numbers many may find double taking.

    maybe she did it for the music.

    (as insane/sad or pathetic as that may same to some.) for the love of the band that existed when she was likely too young to be knowledgable about them or even knew of them.

    the all tomorrows party thing was in england that year (and i’m just guessing the female was stateside based) and even worse from her slant was very much a surprise add on to the fest. i wasn’t following anything but i think it was one of those surprised they were reunited and were gonna do a few gigs type of things.

    it wasn’t like she had months to set aside money for the trip. i’m sure she knew the all tomorrows party thing was getting near its date…it’s just she didn’t know slint would be there. hell seems most music fans wasn’t expecting this.

    not at all…

    so yes. i view this differently than just meeting a random person for sex. but if this is too close to just that for whomever, that’s fine.

    also a female that would offer sex for tickets to england for a three day (whatever number of days it was…) fest would likely be someone that gets a bit of attention aimed their way.

    so…i’m gonna say this female got several and several offers.

    so many that likely wound up with someone that she would have considered having sex with anyway…

    and i’d be this cool with this if it was a guy saying he would do the same thing for tickets. although that’s a lot harder to imagine unless the guy is just beyond beyond hot.

    oh time for some quotes..

    Group formed in Louisville, KY, 1987; released debut album Tweez, 1988; signed with Chicago’s Touch and Go Records, released sophomore album Spiderland, 1991; disbanded 1992; became one of the most influential forefathers of post rock genre; reunited briefly in 2005 to curate and headline the All Tomorrow’s Parties festival in England.

    After numerous attempts by British festival All Tomorrow’s Parties to reunite the beloved band, in 2005, the organizers finally convinced Slint to make a comeback. Both original bassists opted out of the reunion so McMahan, Walford, and Pajo were joined by bassist Todd Cook and guitarist Michael McMahan took the stage in February of 2005, when Slint curated and headlined the three-day music festival in England.

    The shows sold out on Slint’s name alone – before any other band was listed and the band embarked on a short March tour in the United States and Europe where fans new and old showed up to honor the quietly legendary band.

    so tickets were hard to find.

    With a precise, dynamically dense, darkly ominous sound – imagine a young David Lynch making music instead of movies –

    the sort of sound that inspires females to ofer sex for tickets to uk for sold out shows.


    i always liked the wrong bands….

    which i way i guess people say thing like this about spiderland

    by the time Spiderland was released in 1991, the band was almost a myth. In the first few months, Spiderland ‘s sales and reviews were low, but little by little, it started selling more and more. Unfortunately this took a few years. Released just ten months before Nirvana’s breakthrough 1991 album Nevermind, Slint had created a groundbreaking work of their own that few heard at the time.

    hmm forget slint…and please forget nirvana.

  12. glimby, you are a treasure.

    You’ve been a wonderful friend and you contribute endless amounts to the site. You even send me production notes for the odd film, which serve as great reference material when I write reviews.

    I’m out here on my own.

    I’m not writing for a newspaper, magazine or any other publication. So I don’t have access to press kits. I have to track down stuff by myself.

    I am enormously grateful for everything you assist me with, glim. I could never forget you for that.

    So (believe me) it’s no big deal that you and I have different perspectives on this.

    I am NOT upset at you. But I have some things to say. So I’m just going to kick this off right now.

    As far as I’m concerned, there are only two reasons (that’s right – TWO) to go to bed with someone.

    You’re either madly in love with them or care about them deeply. So you want to be closer to them and express your affection.

    OR they make you so hot you can scarcely breathe. Hopefully you do have some regard for them as a human being over and above that though.

    If you’re REALLY lucky, you can find all of that in one person. It’s happened for me on a number of occasions.

    However, that’s my personal morality. So just set that aside.

    As far as I’m concerned, there’s smart and there’s stupid. Being a practical sort, the dynamics of sensible vs. idiocy has far more relevance to me than any moral principle.

    Here’s the deal, glim…

    I know you reasonably well (for someone thousands of miles away that I’ve never met). When you say that you’d approve or feel the same way about this situation no matter whether it was a woman or a guy, I believe you.

    I am in total agreement on that front. I’d say exactly the same thing if the person were a man. Number of past partners or her previous sexual behaviour is irrelevant to me as well.

    But getting back to the smart vs. stupid thing…

    Have you learned nothing from what I’ve told you and some of the things that have happened to me – particularly during the past year?

    I told you quite a bit about it. There are any number of people in my circle that are also aware of this matter.

    That perverted jackass editor from Chicago that got me the fashion column that I used to write hid behind the reputation that his prestigious site afforded him.

    He knew exactly what he was doing.

    He has dozens (if not hundreds) of aliases all over the net. He’ll go over to The Huffington Post, the EW boards, IMDB, the Awards Daily main page etc. and post as men or women. He’ll take on any perspective on any subject (or political alliance for that matter) he feels like at that particular minute.

    For one thing, there is a Miranda Wilde that is a regular over at The Huffington Post. Whoever that person really is, you can rest assured it’s NOT me.

    Mr. Wack Job isn’t as smart as he thinks he is. I have ALL of his correspondence saved. I have lots of other stuff in my possession as well.

    He often uses the same colloquialisms along with the identical expressions and punctuation in all of them. He’s precise. He is an editor, after all.

    So when I took off for good, he started sending the most vile reprehensible porn to my site. He continues this sordid practice to this very day.

    He has also threatened my life and the lives of the people that I care about under aliases at other sites.

    This is not a joke to me.

    I could go on for PAGES. That’s just fine. Much of it can be used as evidence at some point if I need it.

    Just remember. If anyone hurt the people that are close to me (or my pets) I’d make Daniel Plainview look like an amateur.

    There’s no reasoning with a lunatic.

    But you don’t mess with a Wilding. EVER.

    There are some demented people out there. As far I’m concerned, he can rot.

    You have to be careful, glim. On the net, people can be whoever they want to be.

    That’s one of the reasons why I don’t think that sort of behaviour is very swift.

    It’s like that line from CHINATOWN. Given the right place and time, people are capable of just about anything.

    No problem. One of these days the chickens will come home to roost.

    I’m just waiting…

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