Mann Bruin


Now this is interesting. But completely unsurprising.

Of course Irish is the sexiest accent. As they say over in my little corner of the west coast: Duh.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t have an accent.


I was born stateside. But I don’t sound remotely like anyone else that lives here. I have that mellifluous LAUREN BACALL thing in my favour.

And that’s good enough for me.

There was a time when a Frenchman only had to order a drink and women would collapse at his feet with desire.

Well those days, they are, how do you say…fini!

The Irish accent was voted as the world’s sexiest – knocking the Gauls off the top spot they’ve held for decades.

Men with an Emerald Isle brogue came out on top in a poll of 5,000 women worldwide.

The fall from grace of the French accent was laid firmly at the feet of president Nicolas Sarkozy, who has been accused of giving his countrymen a bad name by leering at women while married to Carla Bruni.

The Italian accent was deemed to be second most sexy followed by Scottish. The French only managed to limp into fourth place, just ahead of Australian. English was sixth.

The study also found six in ten women admitted they succumbed to seduction by someone purely because of their accent.

The sexiest accents are:

10. American
9. Welsh
8. Spanish
7. Swedish
6. English
5. Australian
4. French
3. Scottish
2. Italian
1. Irish

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