DAVE KARGER, EW’S resident OSCAR expert, has put together a slideshow of 25 different films and actors that are essentially dark horse contenders at this point.

But he definitely believes that all of these movies and performers deserve consideration.

As always, he makes some excellent persuasive points. He has superior taste.

I have been rooting for some of these people (and singing their praises) for months now. I feel so strongly about their inclusion that a few of them are guaranteed to make my TOP 5 when the whip comes down.

Here are the actors that he’s listed that I am in total agreement on…




And one more thing…

One of the many benefits of having your own site is that you can advocate for various issues that you feel passionate about.

I have a rather large wide ranging readership at this juncture. So it’s possible that I could have a few ACADEMY members as regulars.

So I must say this…

I hope that INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS, CHERI and WHATEVER WORKS make the cut for BEST PICTURE. They are all extremely worthy nominees – especially since there are ten slots.

But I think it would be exceptionally tragic if these particular women were overlooked…



To get the gallery, please go here


  1. ok lord or whomever knows this is embarrassing. but here you go…

    if the melody character from whatever works were to have offered me a viagra i would have likely accepted.

    *cough cough*

    anyway really loved whatever works.

    this and the wrestler are the only things i’ve seen evan in and uh…i didn’t recognize her. not only in the looks/visual style of dress department. but uh voice wise too. didn’t recognize her at all/not at all guess i’m going to trust the credits.

    but seems i’m pretty much the only one to be baffled/surprised since the few reviews of whatever i’ve read don’t mention anything similar and i thought a few would have.

    ah is this the same person ??

    but if just a chorus of me singing that.and i’m not singing that/that strong (hey i don’t want to further embarrass myself

    *ha ha* )

    the melody character may hit you a bit better if you’re not the best at social situations/have an awkward slant going etc/makes you want to root for her a bit a more and all.

    she’s someone you’d definitely notice… ; )

  2. glimster, I’m totally with you on WHATEVER WORKS. That and VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA are two of the best films WOODY’S made in years.

    WOODY is such a bloody genius. I thank God every day that he’s still directing and writing. He’s so marvelously inventive and has such a profound understanding of people’s motivations and behaviour.

    I have WW at home and I just watched it again the other day. It’s so gloriously sunny, heartfelt and romantic. Plus there is a great live and let live thread running through it that is crucial to its core.

    Such a wonderful film.

    glim, you are right. EVAN played MELODY in WW and she was also MICKEY ROURKE’S daughter in THE WRESTLER.

    Probably the reason that you didn’t hear anyone gasping in disbelief is that many critics have likely seen a little more of her work. So they’re used to her versatility.

    EVAN changes her hair colour (personally and professionally) all the time. She’s been every shade of blonde and red imaginable. She’s also been a brunette and deep black.

    So her look does change greatly from project to project. She’s only in her early 20s. But she’s been in the business a long time and she has played a wide variety of different characters. This is all the more impressive because you generally don’t have a lot of room to stretch as a female performer until you’re in your 20s.

    Most roles for teenage girls aren’t exactly written in an intelligent, complex manner. They’re not terribly interesting to play either.

    But EVAN has amazing talent and a lot of range. She’s portrayed variations on wild blondes that were struggling emotionally in THIRTEEN and THE UPSIDE OF ANGER. She also sang (rather well) in ACROSS THE UNIVERSE.

    She was a serious brunette attempting to reconcile with her estranged dad in THE WRESTLER. She was a lovely southern girl with light hair and a proper Christian upbringing in WW. Now she’s a glitteringly sexy redheaded vampire queen on HBO’S TRUE BLOOD.

    EVAN is actually from North Carolina. But you can’t have a southern accent in every part.

    I think she’s terrific. It would be sad to see the ACADEMY pass her by. She’s done a lot of excellent work to this point. I feel that it’s about time she was recognized for it.

    This girl has the goods. I’m glad that you like her, too, glimby.

    DAVE KARGER is supporting PATRICIA CLARKSON for a nod. It’s not hard to understand why. She was very funny and extraordinarily effective as EVAN’S mother in WW.

    But it’s apples and oranges really. Either of them could get in and it would be a very good thing.

    So EVAN could offer you Viagra and you wouldn’t say no? But what about the Heisenberg principle, glim…?

  3. to the Heisenberg principle (which i didn’t know even existed until your reply) i just say….whatever works. 🙂
    yeah looks like there will be no patricia/no evan, no anything…anything at all for whatever works.

    the audience i saw this with in one of the upstairs (probably 119 -124 max for attendance) rooms at the houston landmark was totally into this and reaction wise was probably similar to a big action blockbuster. ultra crowd pleasure and audience reactions to sooo much that made it on the screen.

    hmm maybe not evan/but if the melodie character offered the viagra…

    is that a lame division???

    thanks for extra info on evan i didn’t know of it (aside from that she was in thirteen/across but i don’t know much about those films…)

    anyway maybe i’ll absorb more on evan/see her in an additional film whatever blah blah blah and i’ll let you know if she officially makes my very dormant pop crush list.

    lord even typing those words is embarrassing… 😉

    for whatever reason i think, you think i should have a pop crush/pop crush list and even out it a bit in public.

    hmmm….????? close to your thinking????

    also read somewhere that you should never have a crush list that only consists of dead people(no this wouldn’t be my list) because that means you’ve given up.

    and don’t forget…

    I get my thoughts from a letter that’s lost
    That someone threw away
    It says, ‘don’t give up
    cause you can’t give away’

  4. glim, you forgot about the Heisenberg principle all ready???

    My God…

    Do you remember that scene in WW where Randy talked Melody into visiting him on his boat? I think every single person that ever watched that sequence knew exactly what would happen if she did.

    They were right. All of them.

    So he kisses her and then she starts talking about entropy with this panicked look on her face. She says that Boris told her about it.

    Then Randy says: “You mean like the toothpaste in a tube and how you can’t get it back once it’s out?”

    She says yes and then tells him about the Heisenberg principle. It has to do with physics. The observer influences the experiment. She uses her mother’s boudoir behaviour as an example.

    He seems a bit surprised. “I didn’t know it was so sexual.”

    It’s just beginning to dawn on Melody that there’s no possible way out of this. Her time to be a faithful spouse is over and her marriage right along with it.

    “I always carry some Viagra with me.”

    Right before Randy grabs her again and they go down for the final count (so to speak), he mutters, “I eat a lot of red meat.”

    You recall the Viagra but you forgot the Heisenberg??? Shame, shame, glimby. How can that be….?

    I saw WW eight times. I just couldn’t quit. I loved the characters. It was so well written and beautifully executed. When it started, I never would have imagined that it would end that way.

    I thought it was fabulous. It’s the kind of film that makes you glad to be alive. There aren’t many of them out there – especially now.

    WW is a modern cinematic miracle.

    I probably saw it twice with genuinely large audiences. They had the same reaction as the one that you described. Actually, even with the smaller ones I could tell from people’s responses (generally not so subtle) that they understood or were deeply moved or found it outrageously funny.

    It’s precisely that type of movie.

    glim, it’s never over until it’s over. You just never know which way those balls are going to swing.

    Do you remember last year when you said that you would be here to console me when RICHARD JENKINS didn’t get nominated for THE VISITOR? But he did, didn’t he…?

    WOODY has an excellent track record for getting actors from his films nominated. Look who won SUPPORTING ACTRESS last year. I would not be surprised to see either EVAN or PATRICIA nodded for WW. NOT AT ALL. That’s enirely within the realm of possibilities. That and an ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY nod.

    So let’s not write all of this off too early in the game, my awesome southern boy.

    So it’s Melody you like. Not EVAN.

    No, I don’t think it’s a lame division. It’s just that Melody doesn’t really exist. That’s taking playing it safe to a whole new level.

    Same thing as having crushes on individuals that have departed this world. That’s not going to do you any good. I’m reasonably certain of that.

    Up to you, glimby. You can tell me your pop crush list in public or in private. I’m fine either way.

    But if you decide to go public with it, you are aware that thousands of people come here every single day.

    Are you sure you’re up for that? That would be a rather momentous display…

  5. No, I don’t think it’s a lame division. It’s just that Melody doesn’t really exist. That’s taking playing it safe to a whole new level.

    i’ve alway been a trend setter… ; )

    You recall the Viagra but you forgot the Heisenberg??? Shame, shame, glimby. How can that be….?

    yes i remember the viagra but not the other stuff. hell i didn’t even remember the viagra thing word for word. or anything close to word for word.

    the important thing is melody should offer me some viagra. ; )

    the viagra bit and this bit from an education (which i had to look up/because my memory is crap…)

    All that poetry and all those songs about something that lasts no time at all.

    are the two bits i really remember from films this year. guess my mind is in the gutter. ; )

    and if you’re in the gutter/you may as well do something while you’re down there. yes i have more jokes coming… ; )

    really, seems this will be another award season ala last year which won’t have people quoting lines from awardish movies in every blog everywhere/every day and on various days.

    maybe the year people went wild quoting there will be blood/juno/no country went too much. this looks like another of no mass quoting and pretty much no quoting at all.

    so again i’d like to put *this* on the must be quoted during the awards season table…

    I always carry some Viagra with me.



  6. Of course, my darling glimby. You are a southern gentleman that’s ALWAYS ahead of the curve…

    Well, that line from AE shouldn’t be a surprise. If someone is a selfish, manipulative, scuzzy liar then of course he’s going to be a lousy lay. Comes with the territory. There’s no getting around that.

    I would never go near a sonofabitch like that. I’ve been quite fortunate in my dealings with men. At least 99% of the time, anyway.

    As I’ve said a million times over since I saw that flick: Poor Jenny…

    I dunno. As much as we both think NCFOM was a highly overrated bunch of nonsense, it did have some very cool lines. That friendo thing is awesome. Plus that one tagline in particular…

    There’s no such thing as a clean getaway.

    Well, actually there is. Over the years, I’ve perfected that down to a T. Of course if you’re in a lovely place you don’t have to think about running. At all.

    But that’s another story…

    I also recall (just before the last OSCAR ceremony) that people all over the net were quoting the last bit of COLIN FARRELL’S dialogue from MARTIN McDONAGH’S magnificent nominated screenplay.

    Now that was a work of art and well worth referencing.

    I know you hate the awards season, honey. Even for people like me that love it it can get rather wearing – especially when the people and the films you adore get passed over.

    It all kicks off tomorrow when the NBR announces. Fasten your seatbelts, baby. I see some big surprises this go round. I just have that feeling.

    In the meantime, why don’t you just relax and pop some Viagra…?

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