PEOPLE magazine has named JOHNNY DEPP the sexiest man alive…for the second time.

I’ll drink to that…


  1. hmm how many mags/how many times has depp had the sexiest tag??? 450???

    *ha ha*

    and the people’s sexiest guy list doesn’t seem as sleazy/purely hormonal overdrive as the guy mags sexiest female list.

    females are gonna have to get into the gutter a bit more… 😉

  2. What can I tell you, glimster…?

    For PEOPLE, this is the second time around. I don’t know about any other magazines.

    It’s silly in a way because it’s all just a matter of personal opinion. But to me JOHNNY really really is.

    As in really…

    I’ve talked about this before on site (in regards to the famous). There are a lot of handsome men and cute boys around. But sexy is a whole different animal. Just because someone’s gorgeous doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s sexy.

    It’s chemical and combustible and all of that heightened hormonal jazz. But it’s entirely and completely subjective.

    BRAD PITT definitely is distracting in the same way ROBERT REDFORD is.

    But, after all, it really just has to do with your own particular take and how you feel about it that day. And that can change too.

    Ha ha.

    Well, I think there are plenty of women that like to roll around in the gutter just as much as men. I’ve known some rather motivated females in my time.

    But nobody’s gonna give you a medal for stuff like that. You could get far more than you ever bargained for.

    I have nothing against wildness. But you have to figure out where the line is and when not to cross it. I’m very big on things like discretion, respect and dignity.

    You’d better make god damn sure that someone is worthy of your wildness. Or that they’re even able to handle it.

    Many men are a lot of hot air. It’s all talk. The trick is to find someone that genuinely deserves you. That’s the person that you’ll actually have something with.

    Who was it that said All of us are in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars? OSCAR WILDE?

    Makes a hell of a lot of sense to me…

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