What the nominees said concerning this morning’s announcements…

This is my fifth nomination and I’m more proud of that than all the rest of it, I think. Getting nominated, to me, that’s the plateau. After you’re nominated, it’s like a crap shoot. It’s like throwing dice.

It was a phone call that interrupted a wonderful night’s sleep that I was having. It was the phone call. It was the phone call that you always hear people saying, ‘I was awoken by the ring of the phone‘ and that’s exactly what happened with me. – SANDRA BULLOCK, BEST ACTRESS nominee for THE BLIND SIDE

I thought I was managing my expectations, but on hearing the news I discovered new and unfamiliar vocal tones. Perhaps I should do another musical.

I’m just going to carry on with my life and be thankful and that’s it. My celebration days – which were huge – are now slightly modified, shall we say. At my exalted age I can’t quite do the old 24 hour nightly shifts that I used to.
, on receiving his first ACADEMY AWARD nomination for BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR in THE LAST STATION

I’m very happy and honoured for Christopher, myself and our film. I think Tolstoy himself would have been perplexed by all this, but Sofya, his wife, would have been over the moon. So in that spirit, I am too.
nominee for THE LAST STATION

It was like a really good, friendly punch in the stomach. It’s a good feeling, but it’s like a jolt. You can be in as many top five lists and have as many people say things to you on red carpets as you like…and it doesn’t for a single second make you honestly think that you’re going to get nominated.
nominee for AN EDUCATION

I am proud and grateful to stand with these women who have given such a range of beautiful, indelible performances this year.
– MERYL STREEP on her record sixteenth nomination for acting (this time as BEST ACTRESS in JULIE & JULIA)

4 Responses to “WHAT THE NOMINEES SAID…”

  1. nice gig with the quotes.

    so lee daniels got a nom and kathryn bigelow. now if tom ford got a directing nod too some people would have committed suicide.

    and yep that would have been a good thing. ha ha 🙂

  2. Here’s the deal, glimster…

    I didn’t like THE HURT LOCKER. The only thing I admired about it was the acting.

    To me, it was like every other overrated war movie I’ve ever seen. The only difference is the setting: Iraq.

    And just in case anyone thinks that this all went over my head because I’m a chick, I am a big fan of many films in this particular genre: APOCALYPSE NOW, FULL METAL JACKET, BLACK HAWK DOWN, BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY, COMING HOME etc.

    I also own THE DEER HUNTER.

    So much for suspense in THL. I had a hard time keeping my eyes open. I found it tremendously boring. My ex saw it with me. He felt exactly the same way.

    I’ve never seen a Kathryn Bigelow film that I’ve enjoyed or felt an affinity for. Except for BLUE STEEL. I do remember liking that when I saw it on television years ago. That’s all.

    Her work just doesn’t do anything for me.

    I may be a feminist. But I’m certainly not going to support a nomination or a win for an esteemed award just because that person is a woman. That would be ludicrous.

    If Ms. Bigelow ever makes a movie that I adore, I will have no hesitation in stating it unequivocally. Right here at CP.

    But THE HURT LOCKER does nothing to change my mind.

    I feel precisely the same way about JANE CAMPION and BRIGHT STAR.

    Ms. Campion is a true artist in thrall to her own iconoclastic vision. That’s great if you dig her films. But the only one that I’ve seen that I ever really loved was THE PORTRAIT OF A LADY.

    I do admire her. I just don’t connect with the motion pictures that she creates.

    BRIGHT STAR was a lush, splendid drag. Gorgeous to look at, terrific performances, fabulous costumes. But dull as god damn dishwater.

    And I do love poetry. I guess I just don’t care for her take. It was snooze worthy.

    If they were going to honour a female filmmaker, I wish it had been LONE SCHERFIG. AN EDUCATION is an exquisite looking film that was extremely well acted. It was also wonderfully enjoyable and entertaining.

    She falters a bit at the conclusion with the predictable, too pat ending. The last 15 minutes felt very rushed. But IMO it was far superior to the work that Ms. Bigelow and Ms. Campion produced.

    I don’t really get Ms. Bigelow’s ex husband’s work either. The first TERMINATOR was pretty damn cool. I thought ALIENS was the bomb. But Mr. Cameron hasn’t made many films that I’ve been passionate about.

    (Granted, I haven’t seen THE ABYSS, T2 or TRUE LIES.)

    I found AVATAR to be a dazzling sensory and visual experience but very short on story.

    Of the directors nominated, I’d back QUENTIN in a heartbeat. I also loved JASON’S work. LEE did a magnificent job.

    Actually, I wouldn’t have nodded TOM FORD either. YET. But that man has stunning potential. He’s going to make some incredible films.

    I’d be willing to bet that they’ll all be gorgeous to look at and visually seductive too.

  3. i’m not a fan of the war movie whatever thing. there goes some more guy cred. ha ha…

    will definitely support hurt locker over avatar if that’s what it’s coming down to. i haven’t been keeping up with things this year. why should I??

    and i have seen bright star. and i’m not. so i guess i’ll take the hurt locker over that.

    an education. i’d totally be behind that if the graham character got to have sex. 😉

    why am i the only person on the net that thinks this is important ??? ha ha..

    if meryl doesn’t win this year, they should ban her from the nom process for like five years or something.

    just put some other names there/give whomever a chance.

    and no i’m not joking. that’s how i feel. what’s the point???

  4. Well…

    Oddly enough, there are many war movies that I really, really dig. I’ve all ready discussed them in this particular thread.

    I just enjoy a good story that’s told well. Great filmmaking and excellent acting never go out of style and they can be found in any genre available.

    It’s tough to say, glimster.

    At this point in the OSCAR race, it does appear to be THE HURT LOCKER vs. AVATAR. I really avidly disliked both.

    But I’d go with AVATAR long before I’d support THE HURT LOCKER. At the very least, AVATAR was an experience and it was interesting. THL was just boring. Defusing bombs in Iraq shouldn’t be a drag. But I found very little of substance in it and absolutely nothing original. The acting was good. But big deal.

    Yeah, BRIGHT STAR was even more snooze worthy. That was a big blow out too. Hell, I’d even take THL over BS. If I had to choose, I’d pick THL without hesitation.

    Those three films simply didn’t resonate with me. If people (in the industry or out of it) were wowed by them, great. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

    But they didn’t do anything for me. At all.

    I guess you really identified with Graham in AN EDUCATION, glim. Just remember: nice guys do end up with lots of goodies. You just have to keep plugging away.

    glimster, I adore you. You can come here and espouse practically any opinion on any subject and it will be perfectly fine with me.

    But we do split on this one. Adamantly.

    The line up for BEST ACTRESS is exceptionally strong this year.

    But these people that are saying that TBS is SANDY’S ERIN BROCKOVICH moment are wrong. That’s just f’ing lazy journalism.

    JULIA gave the best performance of the year in EB. She deserved to win.

    I saw it six times and I own it. I just watched it again on television recently. There’s a lot of nuance and subtlety to her work in that film. She has several emotional breakdowns that are just phenomenal.

    (Like when she’s driving in the car and her boyfriend tells her that her little girl said her first word and she was so busy working that she missed it. The look on her face says it all.)

    She throws a number of walloping fits. She’s tough as nails. She’s tender. She’s sympathetic. She’s arrogant.

    She’s on fire.

    Plus she really rocked that ridiculous wardrobe.

    SANDRA in TBS and JULIA in EB aren’t apples and oranges. They’re night and day. There is no comparison.

    This is GABOUREY’S very first acting role. CAREY’S just getting started. I don’t generally support young performers winning right out of the gate. They were both excellent. But I think they have plenty of time. A win for either of them at this stage wouldn’t do them much good.

    HELEN was incredible. She was a sensually driven powerhouse. But she just won.


    She was absolutely brilliant in a very difficult complicated comedic characterization. Nobody else that I can think of could have done the fabulous JULIA CHILD justice the way that she did.

    NO ONE.

    Let’s hope that the ACADEMY gets this right.

    glim, MERYL is an amazing performer. IMO she is the greatest film actor EVER. (Male or female.) There is a reason she has a record sixteen acting nominations. No one else even comes close.

    If she never wins again, fine. But…


    (HOWEVER, SHE SHOULD WIN TWO MORE OSCARS. AT LEAST. Katharine Hepburn was terrific. But she doesn’t come remotely close to the magnificence of MERYL.)

    MERYL is a goddess. It sounds like people are beginning to take her for granted.

    That won’t happen on my watch. Let me tell you.

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