The well known women who adore MISSONI include: FERGIE, KERRY WASHINGTON, LEONA LEWIS and ROSARIO DAWSON .

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  1. ok you’ve told me a bit about who your love affair with cinema kicked in. when did the fashin bug arise???

    also i did look at the missoni thing and it mentioned who was wearing it.

    uh how does this work?? does your name get mentioned if you wear a designer on regular basis??? or if you say stuff in public about them?? or ???

    i mean i doubt the celeb/media profile people mentioned as wearing missoni only wear missoni. so…

    the same celebs could pop up on several designers’ lists???

    uh let me know something.

  2. Well…

    First of all, fashion is generally filler at CP. With very rare exceptions, I publish content almost every day. But I only see about 50 new film releases annually (give or take…) and there isn’t enough interesting cinematic news to go around on a consistent basis.

    So fashion is just a way of keeping everything flowing.

    My love affair with cinema began very young, glimster. You know how you’re automatically drawn to some things without even understanding why?

    Like that…

    Even when you’re little, you have some idea of performance and what an actor is. You understand when you’re very small that the people that you see on television shows are just professionals playing specific roles.

    All I knew was that when I started to go to movies as a child, it felt magical. There was nothing else quite like it.

    When I was in Grade 1, I got picked to play the Queen Of Spring in the school play. (Wouldn’t you know it…?) I took all of that very seriously. The dialogue was pages long. I went outside to the playhouse that my dad had built for me and ran lines.

    When I got up on stage, I knew I was hooked. For good.

    So my childhood adoration of cinema grew into something even bigger and more significant as time went on. It dovetailed with my interest and passion for acting.

    That all goes back to my earliest days in school. I can’t ever remember not being interested in acting or film.

    The fashion thing took a little more time.

    I was always drawn to various kinds of beauty. But it isn’t until adolescence that your sensuality comes into play. Once you grow out of that kid stage purchasing things for your wardrobe (defining a particular look, accumulating all these glorious possessions) is actually quite exciting.

    Plus when you’re a little kid your mom is always buying you clothes. You certainly don’t have the same opportunities for self expression. It isn’t until you’re around 14 that you can knock people dead with your allure anyway.

    So I suppose I began to become interested in fashion at around 11. By the time I was 14, I looked like a young woman. So I could wear different things and test them out to see what I liked. I understood that I could get one hell of a lot of attention (generally unwanted) if I wore certain types of clothes.

    It was a lot of trial and error. But I was always a quick study. I was intelligent enough that I never made any stupid mistakes.

    But it was a fairly intense learning curve, let me tell you.

    So all of this stuff – acting, fashion and cinema – has been a part of my life forever. It comes as naturally to me as breathing.

    The celebrity thing is tricky. You know how I told you that most well know people get a lot of perks? Like free clothing, for example?

    That’s definitely true.

    Some designers will give ANY of their clothes away to anyone famous. They know that the magazines will pick that up and they’ll get even more publcity.

    But other designers are a hell of a lot more selective. They will only be willing to give free clothes to someone on the A list and that may only be particular outfits.

    A few designers were upset about this as well. They felt that celebrities were taking advantage of them. The free wardrobe thing has become so prevalent that most fashion houses felt that they couldn’t say no.

    I do know that a certain number of designers were adamant that the famous could come to their fashion shows. But if they wanted any clothing they had to pay for it.


    So if they really wanted the clothes, they did. If they didn’t, they moved on to someone else who would only be too grateful to give them exquisite wardrobe pieces for nothing.

    Of course there’s the occasional designer who will only lend out clothing. You can wear something to a grand occasion but then it has to go back. Just like Cinderella.

    If they’re young and hungry, they will practically give anything away to someone in the upper echelons or a hot up and coming star with some potential. But established designers don’t usually have to do that. They probably will give a lot of free clothing to A listers. It gets their name out there at another level.

    But it’s entirely their call.

    For instance, the OSCAR nominations have become an annual feeding frenzy. The morning that they’re announced, all of the major designers start courting the nominees. The red carpet is a huge deal. Everybody wants to know who everyone is wearing.

    The publicity that designers get on OSCAR night goes through the stratosphere. Middle class and rich women will want some of those dresses. So they’ll either buy the authentic version or the knockoff in some department store.

    It’s an enormous deal that just keeps getting more significant over time.

    Over the years, some exceptionally well known women became muses for various prominent designers. (AUDREY HEPBURN and GIVENCHY were close. CATHERINE DENEUVE had a long standing friendship with YVES SAINT LAURENT.) But I’m sure of two things. Once those relationships had been established, I’m positive that they never had to pay for anything in those lines.

    The fact that they were beautiful, glamorous, wildly famous actors greatly improved the fortunes of those design houses. It was more than good business. It was brilliant marketing on a grand scale.

    However, I’m sure that even they wore outfits from other designers from time to time.

    RENEE ZELLWEGER exemplifies this currently. She wears a ton of stuff from CAROLINA HERRERA. So much that their names are almost inevitably intertwined. But she also wears a lot of clothing from other designers as well.

    glim, if you go back to the link in the post and observe on that page, you will see that most of the celebrities wear many different designers.

    Looking glamorous is an enormous thrill.

    But ultimately fashion – just like the entertainment industry – is a business. They do go hand in hand, though. It would only make sense that they would profit from one another.

    They are interrelated, after all.

    Does that make sense…?

  3. Does that make sense…?

    not at all. could you re phrase that?

    all of that? ha ha… 😉

    really, thanks for the beyond detailed/beyond the call of everything reply.

    you remember what do you call it grade 1.

    ha i really don’t remember anything. my memory is horrible. i just have few really unimportant fleeting/weak memories of grade school. hell i can’t even concentrate enough to put it together now.

    i don’t remember much. but than i guess i really don’t want to/care to remember much or want to remember.

    plus my memory is horrible…. 🙂

  4. speaking of young here’s very youthful pic of a cin passion fave…

  5. Yeah, you can tell by looking at that pic that that is actually GEORGE. No question.

    He looks very different. So serious. Especially with the glasses.

    But he had great bangs back then. Absolutely.

    Well, glimster…

    You asked me a question. We go back a long way and you have been a wonderful friend. So you – of all people – are certainly entitled to a thorough and thoughtful response.

    I guess the Grade 1 thing is vivid (to me) because it’s the first big realization of the supreme artistic impulse. I had never been on a stage in my entire life. I was only six.

    But you don’t ever forget that connection with the audience or playing a character that you really understood and loved. That was the beginning of my comprehension of myself as a creative person.

    I knew from that point that, regardless of whatever I experienced in my life or where fate would take me, I was never going to be average or ordinary.

    I would always be immersed in some form of artistic expression or attempt to find some outlet for my creative impulses.

    There are some things that happen to you that you can never forget.

    As much as I hated school (it bored me silly – I just wanted to put it behind me, get out and live…), that was a significant revelation.

    It was one of those deals where the switch gets flipped, the room floods with soft, gorgeous light and it stays on forever. You can’t block stuff like that out.

    The past never goes away, glimster. Never…

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