He may have been all about fighting BATMAN in The Dark Knight, but AARON ECKHART has a new obsession: fashion photography.

“I’m obsessed with it. It’s all I do,” he remarked. “That’s really the only thing I think about.”

With magazines like FRENCH and ITALIAN VOGUE as his inspirations – as well as famed photographers like BRUCE WEBER as his heroes – the easygoing actor said that capturing raw human emotion is what he’s most passionate about.

“Straight up fashion photography in the studio – that’s not what I necessarily aspire to, you know? I like to be outside on location making up stories. That’s where my acting comes in.”

So will the actor – who’s starring in an upcoming movie with NICOLE KIDMAN later this year – eventually turn pro?

“I will if somebody asks me. Hopefully I’ll do exhibitions and all that sort of stuff. I’m really just a photography geek. I just love to shoot.”

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