May is usually a fascinating month. The enveloping heat lies just around the corner.

Summer makes me want to get things done. All kinds of things. Most of which I’d never discuss here.

Our treasured musical highlight is an ode to classic Hollywood that goes back a long way: SING SING SING by BENNY GOODMAN.

I know you’d probably prefer that I discuss something risque and naughty at great length.

Well, there will always be another time. Don’t worry.

I ain’t done yet…

Have a lovely fulfilling weekend, kids.


  1. glimmer Says:

    I know you’d probably prefer that I discuss something risque and naughty at great length.

    runs to monitor…

  2. Hardy har har, baby.

    glim, whatever would I do without your thoroughly amazing presence at CP, my lil southern firecracker?

    Well now…

    The Friday fireside chats that go with the weekly musical highlight are not just me being silly. That really is the way that I talk and it’s exactly how my thought processes come to fruition.

    When my mama was alive, she used to just shake her head.

    She was close enough to me (of course) that she knew that I wasn’t going to run around with just anybody.

    But she was well aware that I have a passionate romantic temperament with an unswerving need for adoration. Attention must be paid.

    That’s exactly the way that it is. I do have a great weakness for a certain type of man.

    But just because I’m incessantly drawn to mischief doesn’t mean that I’m not a smart chick. You have to draw the line somewhere…and you have to know what the hell you’re doing.

    Truthfully, I am trying to tone my irrepressible banter down because I don’t want someone to be upset with me. But I’m sure that he understands that I would never hurt anyone deliberately.

    Especially him.

    In person, I’m not always like this. Depends on my mood and the situation. (Or, frankly, on what I can get away with.) Sometimes I listen much more than I talk.

    But I have the site now. So everybody knows how my mind works.

    Ha ha. You can run but you can’t hide.

    Basically I’m trying to be entertaining to the readership while remaining true to my deliciously untamed nature.

    So it’s boys…and chocolate.

    But probably not at the same time.

  3. glimmer Says:

    So it’s boys…and chocolate.

    but what about a baked potato????

    just a joke. remember reading about some doc thing a female said something similar to she was looking for a man that could satisfy her as much as a baked potato did.

  4. glimmer Says:

    But I have the site now. So everybody knows how my mind works.

    but you always tell us we’ll never know because you’re too complicated…

    anyway glad to be one of the kids. 🙂

  5. A baked potato???

    Oh, Lord. Do you know how many carbs are in one of those goddamn things?

    Well, this is how it is…

    Everyone has their priorities.

    A lot of people’s relationships revolve around friendship and companionship. That’s all dandy. Whatever floats your boat. But some of us need more than that.

    Oh, yeah. Much more.

    I’m in a rather unique situation here. I can speak openly regarding whatever I feel strongly about (completely uncensored). There’s a great freedom in that.

    So I don’t have to hold back about anything.

    I’ve been frank about the fact that, while I’ve always been quite discriminating (and drawn to particular types), I am a very sensual creature. There’s nothing I can do about that.

    It is what is. It makes everything a lot more difficult. But I’m not interested in settling.

    It’s just not me.

    The vast majority of the relationships that I’ve been involved in have failed for exactly that reason. It’s like that scene in CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF where Big Mama points to the bed and says: “When a marriage goes on the rocks, the rocks are right there.”

    Amen to that…

    But it’s not something that you choose. You can only be who you are.

    The only problem is: if you find someone that’s as intense and passionate as yourself, you generally have two very strong personalities that take no prisoners and they both want their own way. Getting along (in between all the glorious romancing) can be a minefield.

    But there is a solution.

    I’m totally aware that there are men out there that are driven in the same way that I am. But these boys are kinder, sweeter, gentler and won’t give you big headaches at the end of the day.

    How do I know this? Uh…I think I’ll change the subject right about now.

    Back to me…

    I could not be with anyone in a romantic sense unless I had everything that I wanted. Sex is a very big deal. But affection is almost equally important to me. Can’t have one without the other.

    Yeah, I’ve always been wary. Having such a tempestuous love life has taken a real emotional toll. It’s been tough. There are things that I’m not prepared to compromise on. So it was always easier to just go. Unless, of course, the good times were still rolling.

    In that case, you may as well stick around and peel all the paint off the bloody ceiling.

    Mama always said that I would know. That when it was right that I would stop running. She was very wise.

    There’s one thing that gives me hope.

    I had my astrological chart done years ago. Didn’t cost me a dime. I have Venus in the seventh house. That absolutely guarantees me a happy fulfilling marriage before I’m finished with this life.

    (Mmmm. Supposedly…)

    So it does appear that Catwoman will go off into the sunset with her Batman eventually. Hang up her whip. Be a good girl.

    I am entirely capable of being completely devoted to someone. But I won’t go out on that limb unless somebody’s there to catch me.

    So we’ll see. Oh yeah. We will.

    As for the other…

    Yeah, I freely admit to being very complicated, glimster. It’s like a well. Only the chosen few will ever get to the middle. Never mind the bottom.

    (I’m surprised that you remembered all of that. You’re such a perceptive little dude. That’s pretty amazing.)

    Truthfully, there are people that know me. But hardly anyone knows me that well.

    I dig the mysterious thing. Plus it keeps you very, very safe.

    I’ve lived with guys that said they could never get a bead on me. Vulnerability is not my strong suit. I don’t wear my heart on my sleeve.

    But if you’re secure with someone, then it’s easier to take those kinds of emotional risks. I probably wasn’t mature enough before to even attempt that.

    This is a brand new decade. So much stuff (as in incredible and unbelievable…) has all ready happened this year.

    I’m ready for all of it. Bring it on…

    You’re always here, glim. I am so incredibly grateful to you. This place wouldn’t be the same without you.

    Thanks from the bottom of my black Irish heart, honey…

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